Berserk Greatsword by Higeyosi
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Added: 24/09/2012 - 03:49PM
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Name: Berserk Greatsword
Version: 1.0
Author: Higeyosi

Requirements SKSE.

It's a very heavy, greatsword.
However, it will be felt to be have lighter sword when your Two-handed skill is improved.

I want to see this video.

Hit effect is this.
TK HitStop
Nice work!

Adds stand alone Greatsword.
Motion type / Sword & Axe.
Axe type will be the axe for the perk as well.

This MOD will monitor your two-handed skills in the script.
If your skill is high enough, to speed up the sword.

New mesh, new texture.

Crafting ingredients
-1 Leather Strips
-3 Ebony Ingot
-7 Steel Ingot

Have the latest SKSE version.

Feel free to include or edit, just give me credits for my work.

I can write a little English.

Special thanks!
- Original / Kentarou Miura "BERSERK"
- tktk1