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Since Talos had ascended to godhood all of the portals between Tamriel and Vanaheimr have been lost. However since the birth of the dragonborn a gateway has been opened that may lead to the mythical world itself. It is said that the faithful pilgrims of Talos who follow his footsteps will be admitted into the world in which only the dragonborn can gain mastery.

according to Norse mythology there are nine worlds all linked together through an immense tree. Vanaheimr is home to the less famous gods and goddesses.

This is my first published mod and it is still in its infancy. Suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Most recent version features
Detailed worldspace with LOD
unique climate and sea
NPCs and Merchants
Unique Merchant that will sell dragon soul gems
many interiors are still unfinished

Plans for the future,
finish interiors and add others
add other worldspaces reflecting norse mythology
improve optimization for worldspace
add more unique NPCs and followers
add new shouts to wordwalls
possibly add dragons if I can get around the buggy AI
add questline that ties everything together