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Have you ever wanted to revert from werewolf form, but pressing "T" button and waiting was too long and annoying? There are mods on the Nexus that allow you to do it without waiting, but they all have some disadvantages - some require additional stuff (such as SKSE, Script Dragon, etc.), while others modify howls, so you can't use the full power of a howl, so I decided to make my own werewolf revert form mod.


Revert to human form by pressing "R" button (or, if you have reassigned the buttons, the one that sheathes your weapon), then press "Z" to activate revert function and continue your travels!

Note: usually it takes a few seconds before changing you back, so don't worry if the transformation didn't start right after pressing "Z"

Important note: make sure you install correct version - Dawnguard or non-Dawnguard. You must exit werewolf form before installing or updating this mod, otherwise scripts won't work properly. Do not activate both Dawnguard and non-Dawnguard versions of the same file, nor the main file and unlimited transform duration at the same time (if you downloaded UTD, then delete main file).

When you press "R" (sheathe weapon) button it equips revert power (which can be activated as usual power), but if you don't want to revert right now, then press "R" again, and you will get your howl equipped back. This can be done infinite times.

Update 2.1 has been released!
Revert function now has improved logic and "save your current race" feature!

Advantages of this mod: does not require any additional stuff (such as SKSE, Script Dragon, etc.), nor change any howl, so you can safely use them without fear of reverting to human form in the middle of the battle. Now, by using both optional files (or only TAWUTD) you will be able to transform to werewolf anytime, be werewolf as long as you want and revert to human at will!

Disadvantages: none if you don't use any mod that changes PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.pex. If you do, they will be incompatible.

There are Dawnguard and non-Dawnguard versions of this mod.

Each file description


Main file gives ability to revert to human form, but you still can transform only one time per day and can't stay in werewolf form for long (unless you feed).

"Transform at will" allows you to transform multiple times per day, and this is the only thing it does - there is no revert function in this file - you should choose between main file and optional "Unlimited transform duration" to be able to use it.

"Unlimited transform duration" allows you to be like vampire lord once per day - transform to werewolf for unlimited time and revert to human at any time (this file does not require main file). To truly be like vampire lord you should have "Transform at will" installed (now you can download combined optional file to do it).

"Transform at will and Unlimited transform duration combined" is a combination of "Transform at will" and "Unlimited transform duration", does not require any other file. Allows you to transform to werewolf at any time, be werewolf as long as you need and revert to human at any time.

"Looting" allows you to loot, open doors, pick locks, etc.
There are are three versions inside this file - one for each esp file (Important note: do not install all the tree files at the same time). So at first you should install main file, UTD or TAWUTD, and then install looting (by overwriting the esp with one from the looting folder).



Skyrim patch 1.7 (although I don't think that it is necessary to get it work, but to be sure you should have it)



Extract files to your Data folder. Press yes to overwrite if necessary.
For "Transform at will" file you should also check it in Skyrim launcher.



Delete PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.pex and WRFRSRevertEffectScript.pex from Scripts folder and the esp file from your Data directory. If you have installed optional files then you should delete them from your Data directory too.

Known bugs



My other mods


If you want something more than just the revert ability, then take a look at my Werewolf Mastery mod.


v2.1 Optimized revert function code. Also added "save your current race" feature that allows you to transform to your current race instead of original one (if you changed your race through showracemenu).

v2.0 Revert function now has improved logic - when you press "sheathe weapon" button ("R" by default) it equips a revert power (instead of reverting you immediately) that you can activate to revert to human, or you can press "sheathe weapon" button again to equip your howl back. This can be done infinite times.

v1.1 Added auto reequip two handed weapons, bows, spells and power

v1.0 Initial release


Bethesda for making Skyrim and Dawnguard
Nexus for obvious reasons