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There\'s a LOT of women in Skyrim wich you can marry, but they stay in a second place because they aren\'t hot as Ysolda or Muiri? What if I told you that they have more personallity or just more background history than Mjoll or Grelka? Actually, they have. Here\'s a little effort to put them on your options; to put the beauty in equal conditions.

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Hi all! This is my fourth mod. Im trying to make little changes to some specific females in Skyrim...

Didnt ever happened to you, that when you look for marriage candidates just jump for Ysolda or Mjoll because they're the most beauty woman in Skyrim? Just ignoring the other forgiven-women? Well, actually, these "other - stranger - women" have a better background history than Muiri, or are more kind than Grelka...

Like Avrusa Sarethi. A dunmer alchemist who scapes from Morrowind and bought a farm near Riften. Here's the lore so you can learn a little bit more of her.

Also, she has little different quotes than the standard ones when you engage marriage with her. Please read the lore.

Im using the Better Females by Bella mod, but this is just a vanilla change. If you have got another texture's for woman (or if you just have the vanilla version), its NOT a problem. Probabbly you should get a less smooth skin, but the face change should be there. Anyways, I really recommend the mod.

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Hope you enjoy it!