The Dark Gift - REVAMPED by TheSkoomaKing
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The Newer Version of this mod has been released! You can find it by searching for Sanguinare Vampiris here on the nexus!

The Dark Gift - REVAMPED

It´s not a disease.. It´s a Blessing...

Requires Dawnguard

With this mod you are now given the option when interacting with someone who is asleep to "Infect" them with Vampirism.

No more will you be alone with this blessing that you have been given! Now turn your spoose, your companion, your friend.. Or the entire city into Vampires ready to do your will!

You can infect almost anyone. As far as I know the only people that you cannot infect is the ones without a proper dialog attached to them, but who knows, maybe you get it to work?

Have you ever felt that it is so sad that in vanilla skyrim you could´t turn npc´s into vampires? Well atleast I have. And I wasn´t satisfied with Dawnguard´s "Turn" quests. That´s why I started this mod.

What do I use this mod for?

- since the Targets infected becomes your friends, they will allow you to sleep in their homes.

- A Follower option is available once their bitten. Making anyone you turned into a possible follower.

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