Cerniera - the Dwemer spider-automaton by AMKitsune
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Added: 22/09/2012 - 03:03PM
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Last updated at 15:06, 22 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 15:03, 22 Sep 2012

Adds a 'Cerniera Deployment Staff' which can be bought from the riverwood trader.
using this staff will deploy the little dwemer spider Cerniera from the MSPA Elderstuck.

Cerniera is small and slow, so not an ideal companion on an epic trek across skyrim, but makes for a good pet and tries 'her' very best to help out in a fight.
And don't worry if 'she' dies. 'She' just goes back into the 'inter-dimensional void rift' that is your inventory ready for redeployment. (Note: spider does not actually go into inventory. just use your imagination for that bit)

the deployment staff requires a bit of magical charge to work. this isn't too bad though a one deployed, Cerniera has no time limit.