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As requested from the kind people who view my images I present MARCURIO!!
More like Marcuri1.0 amirite?! >.> Anywho, down to bidnis.
My first mod, a face edit to Marcurio, the hireling found in Riften's Inn The Bee and Barb.

He's very photogenic and likes to make all sorts of expressions! Good luck getting a good angle on him though, it's difficult :P

Check him out in Brodual's video, Bits 'n' Bobs #27, he comes in around 1:40 so exciting ^_^

-Changes Made-
Lightened his skin slightly
Grey eyes rather than his Amber eyes. I think he had amber eyes at least.
Added white imperial facepaint (possibly upload a version without)
Slightly changed features like nose shape and jawline and chin and all that stuff
Heavier Eyeliner. Looks good on him.
Trimmed and Styled Beard
And of course, my favorite part, DAT HAIR!! It's so stylish and rather fitting to Marcurio's pompous, haughty attitude. *REQUIRES APACHII SKYHAIR/MALE STANDALONE*

-Mods To Use For My Results-
Better Males- Younger Faces Merged with Men by Geonox edited by Chris57 + Coverkhajiits by mrLenski
HQ Beards by Regn
Improved Eyes by Missjennabee
*REQUIRED*Apachii Skyhair by Apachii Male standalone hair pack*REQUIRED*

If you want Marcurio to look less out of place in Skyrim's ugly population use this mod
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul By Rops1981 I recommend using this mod a long with Marcurio since it's just fitting. The mod makes over tons of different NPCs, so check it out!

Again this is my first mod so be gentle D: I really hope everyone likes it, the response to him from my pictures I uploaded seemed to be nice. I'll try and please everyone as best as I can and fulfill requests and whatnot. Or I'll say its too much pressure and cry in the corner. I hope to god he doesn't get that grey face bug thing going on, I haven't had that problem with this edit but I have with others. I'll try and upload more and stuff but testing is hard since I do have to deal with that grey face bug in my game. Let me know if you like it :D

-Permission Notes-
If you want to edit him some in the CK that's cool.
I'd rather he not bee uploaded anywhere else but here.

-Credits and Thank Yous-
Bethesda.... for Skyrim.
And the CK
Rops1981 For all his help and support, you rock buddy!
Credit is pretty much that recommended mod part...
Apachii for the phenomenal gorgeous hair of course
Thank the people who requested I upload this and stop hording him all to myself >:)
Thanks everyone who downloads it!