Nightingale Hood Nighteye by JTT
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Nightingale Hood Nighteye


NEW: v1.2 Allows you to craft the hood in the forge (Misc. Section) once you have completed the Nightingale quest and have Arcane Blacksmith perk. This version is also Disenchantable (as in v1.1)

v1.2R Beta by Request: Nightingale Nighteye hood will replace the vanilla hood (Do not use if you want the Vanilla hood to stay the same or if you have a mod that changes the Vanilla hood) Cannot disenchant replacement.

v1.1 In Optional Files section makes the hood disenchantable (but not Craftable) so you can learn the Nightingale Halo (Nighteye) enchantment and apply to other hoods, rings, necklaces, etc.

v1.0 In Optional File is just the basic version (not Craftable or Disenchantable).

I always thought a group dedicated to the shadows should have some way of seeing in the dark. So I added a Nighteye enchantment to a duplicate of the Nightingale Hood.

This mod adds a standalone Nightingale Hood with Nighteye enchantment in addition to the regular enchantment that comes with the hood. This hood can be found in a locked strongbox in Whiterun in back of Jorrvaskr.

A must have if you are playing with ENB that gives you darker nights and dungeons.

Check out my other mod Dispel Light Spell and Ring of Light and Quick Light Spell at

Works best with Project ENB

1. If you have a mod that adds a chest or something to the same location that I added this strongbox.

v1.0 Initial release
v1.1 Adds ability to disenchant and apply enchantment to other items
v1.2 Adds ability to craft the hood in the forge using void salts, leather strips, leather, and greater soul gem. Player also needs Arcane Blacksmith perk to be able to craft and needs to have completed the normal Nightingale quest.

Copyright/Credits: This mod consists of my modifications to original Bethesda content using the Creation kit. If you want to use or modify for your mod, please contact me first.