RQ - Thickskinned Argonians by AnkhAscendant
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This and many more racial tweaks are included in the creatively-titled . If you want cosmetic changes and stat adjustments along with the removal of active powers, check it out.

Requested by CalibanX on the forums.

Fact: Once-a-day powers are irritating an not particularly useful. Passive, constant powers are much more useful and convenient.
Fact: Argonians are all scaly and bumpy and have a natural leather armor.
Conclusion: Argonians should have a passive, constant power that is like wearing leather armor. :)

That is what this mod does. The Argonians no longer have the 1/day healing Histskin power; it has been replaced by a constant "tough hide" effect which gives them a 10% resistance to non-magical damage. (Because I am a perfectionist, the text on the race selection screen has also been changed to reflect this.)

NMM or manual download, extract, and place in Data folder.

NMM or delete ToughArgonians.esp from Data folder. ;)

As always ratings/endorsements and sharing are appreciated.