Brelyna Maryon - Just a vanilla change - Potential Spouse by ArouetX
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Hi all! This is my third mod, I'm just changing a little bit all the potential spouses in Skyrim so we dont put the attractiveness before the personality. I know, I marry Ysolda, Mjoll, Muiri, even Grelka, in every game I played because they result the most attractive to me. But there's A LOT of woman besides them, and usually they got a better personality, a better background history.

Like Brelyna Maryon. She's a mage at the College of Winterhold (Colegio de Hibernalia), and can be a follower or even a spouse for the Dovakhiin. Here's the lore for her, so you can get an overview.

For me, she got a better history than other women in Skyrim.

Im using the Better Females by Bella mod, but this is just a vanilla change. If you have got another texture's for woman (or if you just have the vanilla version), its NOT a problem. Probabbly you should get a less smooth skin, but the face change should be there. Anyways, I really recommend the mod.

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Hope you enjoy it!