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Last updated at 15:42, 21 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 15:41, 21 Sep 2012

Name: Loading Screen Texts
Version: 1
Date: 21 August 2012
Category: Misc
Author: Malachi Delacot


Tired of the same old boring loading screen texts you have to read ?
Well, if you are, this mod is for you !
This super groovy awesome mod changes the text in almost every loading
screen... over 250. Some are funny, some are amusing, some are really
lame, some are suggestive, and some may annoy you. But now, for the
first time in Skyrim, you can read them all...when and if they appear in
your game. I did a similar mod for Oblivion, and one night at work when
really bored, I figured I'd do one for Skyrim. So after 20 minutes in the
making, I came up with this mod. Nah, just kidding, it took longer than
that. And since so many people upload WIPs, I figure I can make this
one also....I mean, after all, I may make changes.....

Just a change from the old vanilla loadscreen texts to something that may
( or may not ) be more entertaining to read.
Zip file comes complete, for a limited time, of one ( 1 ) esp file and one
( 1 ) "read me" file you can print out and make a paper airplane, light it
on fire, throw out the window, hopefully scaring somebody passing by.

Screenies were not done for Dawnguard since I do not have it

Sense of humor

1. Unzip file to desired location ( or directly into SkyrimData folder,
in which case you can skip #2 and go directly to #3 ).
2. Copy or move the .esp file to (install folder)SkyrimData
3. Start "Skyrim Launcher", click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside
the .esp file.
Or, if using "Nexus Mod Manager", put a check beside mod to activate it.

1. Start Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the .esp file from Skyrim Data

None known to me.
But hey, if you find one, don't tell anybody or they'll want one, too.

Might conflict with "Uncle Sheogorath", but don't know for sure since I
did not know that file existed until after uploading this and have not
checked it out.

As of Oct 2016, there are many others you may be interested in; just
do a search for "loading screens".  this has been a non paid for advert.

Known Issues or Bugs:
Sometimes the text may change while the same picture is on screen.
Hey, not my was that way with the vanilla loading screens.
Second line of text, if not a whole line, aligns to the right margin. Also,
not my's a game thing.
People that complain about how any mod isn't exactly like they want.
This is the "bug" section, and well, it does bug me when I read some
comments about some mods....

You can find me in Nexus as "malachi delacot"

Tools Used:
Readme Generator - LHammonds
Fraps - for making the screen shots work
iPhotoplus - my very limited on what it can do editing program
that I've had since 1996. ( Carah's been after me me to
get a newer program )
WinRAR - zipping this file and the esp so I could upload it

Credits / Thanks:
Bethesda for the great game and free Creation Kit.
Nexus for wasting the space for this mod.
A big thanks to Carah for beta testing...her laughter letting
me know she found humor in some of the shots.
You, for taking a look at this mod and maybe even trying it out.

Serious paragraph:
I had wanted to do this mod also in Russian, Spanish, French,
and German, but due to the limitations of Google Translate,
too much was lost in translation and I was unable to.
At least the thought and desire was there.

You can do whatever you want with this mod but don't complain to
me if it doesn't work, your PC blows up, or all your hair falls out.
Just give me credit if for some insane reason you find a use for it.