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This is a request from Muragetsu on the forums. The idea was his, the results are free for everyone. ;)

The Ring of the Archmage ("ultimate" was too long to fit in the name, but you should always read it as though it's there) is a ring which reduces the cost of Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and Restoration spells by 100%, effectively making all magic free. Isn't that a fitting reward for the ultimate leader of wizards? Now your enchantment slots on clothing and other jewelry are free for effects besides spell cost reduction, you don't have to pour points into magicka when you level up, and you can show off some magical bling to the envious mundane.

NEW: There are now four .esp files in the archive. They are four different versions of the ring, which fortify 25, 50, 75, and 100%. Choose whichever level of cheating appeals to you. :)

===FIND IT===
The Ring has been placed on the bedside table to the right of the bed in the Archmage's quarters. See the first picture for exact location.

Oops. So now the new version lets you actually enchant objects with the enchantment. My bad.
You can put it on anything that you can normally put magicka enchantments on, including gloves, gauntlets, rings, amulets, circlets, helmets, and anything that is worn on the head or hands. Have at. :]

1. The Ring does not respawn, so if you lose it, sell it, or disenchant it (which are all your prerogative) it is gone forever. (Yes, you can disenchant it, which means that you can put the enchantment on anything else you desire. Have at.)
2. The Ring is not yours until you are Archmage. If you happen to get in there and take it beforehand, it will be stolen.

Either NMM or insert the .esp into your Skyrim->Data folder.

As always ratings/endorsements and sharing are appreciated.