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1. Changelog
2. Modules
3. Optionals & Patches
4. Installation & Compatibility
5. What to do
6. Credits

Version 5.0a
• Fixed installer not having Cells patches.I uploaded the wrong file.

Version 5.0

• Cleaned all esps that required cleaning with TES5Edit;
• Hand-cleaned loot module as well as aumatic cleaning;
• Added DBStats and UltimateStats versions of the Stats optional;
• Morrowind Armors patch removed.

Immersive Loot
• Removed all dirty edits to followers;
• Stronghold Residents are no longer edited.They will be, in a better way, next version;
• Added the following armor pieces:
- Hooded Steel Helmet;
- Glass-Clad Thalmor Robes & hooded Helmet;
- Iron Chainmail armor;
- Robed Steel Plate armor.
• Armor pieces can be found on leveled lists, have gender and race support as well as ground model;
• Following changes to Thalmor faction:
- Thalmor soldiers no longer use steel weaponry;
- Reduced chances of soldiers using glass weaponry;
- Mages have 50% chance of using Glass-Clad robes since lvl 36.
• Following changes to Stronghold faction ( these lists aren't used by many residents ):
- All armory and weaponry deleved;
- High chance of dropping orcish equipment;
- Other droppable items use blacksmith/bandit lists, meaning they can drop weapons and armor from Patches.
• Following changes to Vigilants of Stendarr faction:
- Can now wear iron boots and gauntlets;
- Reduced chances of Steel Plate boots and gauntlets;
- May wear enchanted Hooded Steel helmet and/or Robed Steel Plate armor.
• Dremoras have good chance of wearing Daedric helmets;
• Thieves found on roads may wear different Thieves Guild armor ( unenchanted );
• "Mercenaries" on roads no longer wear rare armors ( Ebony, orcish etc );
• Rare armors removed from some leveled lists;
• Removed elven and orcish weaponry from vampires;
• Spriggans drop as least 1 Taproot instead of 2;
• Reduced Troll fat quantity that all Trolls drop by 1;
• Changed recipes on bandit mages to appear on their inventory instead of dropping only when they died.Higher chance of dropping them;
• Skeletons drop up to 6 Bone Meals;
• Modified a lot of draugr lists to use the same loot system as the others ( no higher drop chance as lvl increases, fixed chance for the item once "unlocked" );
• High-level draugr may use Nord Hero weaponry.

Immersive Cells
• Added the following critter/enemies:
- Rat;
- Spider & Snow Spider;
- Young & baby Chaurus;
- Runic Giant Troll ( not runic yet ).
• Processed ( may contain critter, enemies, fighting enemies, corpses, clutter, hand-placed items ) lot of dungeons such as Blackreach, Lund's hut and Bleak Falls Barrow;
• Added 2 guards and 2 refugees living in the Shrine of Azura.Refugees do stuff arround, guards patrol;
• Following areas are now robbable:
- Whiterun shops ( small ones );
- Rorikstead;
- Riverwood;
- Falkreath city.
• Robbable chests no longer use new keys.Instead, they use the shops' door keys that are in the onwers' pockets by default.Those who didn't carry them have their keys inside their shops.
• Mercenaries at Black-Briar Lodge start with higher level between 20-40 and wear Steel Plate helmets;
• Following changes to Kilkreath Temple dungeon:
- Now has atronachs and mages inside;
- Dead soldiers now lvl between 15-25 and use default Civil War soldiers' fighting style and class.
- Imperial soldiers carry shields.
• A spider den with corpses has been added on the way up to High Hrothgar;
• The Troll on the way up to High Hrothgar no longer stays above the rock.The are below the rock has surviving equipment and a dead couple.

Immersive Loot - Dawnguard
• Werewolf pelt value changed from 20 to 200;
• All werewolves should now drop werewolf pelts insted of wolf pelts
• Vale Sabrecat now drops 2 body parts, like standart one.
• Gargoyles now drop only Iron, Quicksilver, Silver and Corundum ores.

Immersive Loot - Immersive Armors
• Made compatible with new items.

Immersive Loot - Regent Armory
• Remade from scratch;
• Can now be found with vampires;
• Bugs fixed in comparision with the previous one.

This section will show you what each of the parts of the mod do.The loot module is, and always will be, the very core of the mod.Everything else is made to complement it.

Immersive Loot
Loot module is the heart of this mod.When it first came to existance, it was but a portion of what this module is today.Cells module was made to fulfill something I didn't want Loot to do it by itself because of higher incompatibility.The main thing this module does is removing culture and rare ( elven, ebony etc ) armors from common leveled lists.

• Removes Dwarven, Elven, Orcish, Glass, Ebony, Dragon and Daedric weapons and armor from common sources;
• Adds special vendors with items other blacksmiths don't sell;
• Makes animal and corpse loot more immersive and/or realistic;
• Deleveled ( ench ) jewelry, potion, poison and gem loot allow you to get the finest diamonds and poisons at your hands since lvl 1.However, the higher the quality, the lower the chances of finding ( does not increase with lvl );
• Adds 4 armor pieces to the game, found on relevant leveled lists.

• Steel:
- Hooded Steel helmet;
- Robed Steel Plate armor.

• Iron:
- Iron Chainmail armor.

• Glass:
- Glass-Clad Thalmor set.

Detailed Feature list


Immersive Cells
Cells brings you dungeon and location enhancement.New dungeon-based critters will make a better enveroiment, hand-placed hidden items, dungeon improvement with more enemies, fighting groups of enemies and clutter will make your adventures a bit more sweet.

• Modifies many dungeons to make them more immersive by adding enemies, critter, fighting groups of enemies, clutter, bloody scenes and corpses;
• Adds different types of NPCs, both generic and dungeon-specific;
• Adds small details to some locations, such as ingots near a forge.

Detailed Feature list


Optionals & Patches
This section will describe you the contents of this mod's optinal and compatibility patches for it.

Stats Optional
Increases rare items' values based on the formula below.

base value x material multiplier + type extra

Material Multipliers:
- Dragon and Daedric: 1.75
- Ebony and Glass: 1.5
- Dwarven: 2.2
- Orcish: 1.65
- Elven: 1.5

Type Extras:
- Cuirass: 500g
- Boots and Gauntlets: 200g
- Helmet and Shield: 350g
- 1-Handed: 250g
- 2-Handed: 150g
- Dagger: 100g

Elven equipment had extras cut by half.
Comes with Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Ultimate version.

Dawnguard Patch
Comp. patch for Dawnguard DLC.Separated in patches for Loot and Cells modules.
-- Loot Patch:
• Wewolves drop Werewolf pelt.The pelt is now worth 200 coins;
• Death Hounds have chance of dropping vampire dust;
• Wrathman drop more bone meals;
• Gargoyles drop only Iron, Quicksilver, Silver and Corundum ores;
• Vale Sabrecat drops 2 body parts;
• Dawnguard Caches no longer drop weapons and armor.Dropped enchanted jewelry are battle-focused.
-- Cells Patch:
• Dawnguard and Volkhinar faction vendors are robbable;
• Critter added to a few places.

Dragonborn Patch
Comp. patch for Dragonborn DLC.Separated in patches for Loot and Cells modules.
-- Loot Patch:
• Reavers now may wear any mix of bandit armor with DB's armors.Works with Immersive Armor patch;
• Raven Rock blacksmith no longer sells Stalhrim equipment;
• Skaal village blacksmith sells less Stalhrim equipment and now sells Nordic Carved equipment;
• Raven Rock Food vendor sells more local food and less foreign food.
-- Cells Patch:
• Raven Rock and Skaal village are robbable;
• Shrine of Azura guards wear Bonemold and Chitin armor.

Immersive Armors Patch
Comp. patch for Immersive Armors.
• New armors spread across NPC, blacksmith, static and chest loot;
• Armors correctly leveled according to their ARs;
• Nordic Barbarian armors can be found as Draugr loot;
• Warchief armors are sold at strongholds and may be wore by residents.

Regent Armory Patch
Comp. patch for Regent Armory.
• All weapons had their stats tweaked.Original damages and values were very high;
• Peculiarities have been added to them, such as higher attack speed, stagger or range;
• Pommel, Blade, Cross require steel smithing to be forged.Captain and Cavalary swords do too;
• All swords now have tempering ingredients.

Bandoliers Patch
Comp. patch for Bandolier - Bags and Pouches.
• Can be found wore by bandits, silver-hand, forsworn and guards;
• Mage bandits drop vial holders;
• Adds a lot of diversity to the game, good for any playstyle.

Installation and Compatibility
For installation, simply download with NMM and use pick what you want.Magic XML power will give you options to choose.
In case you intend to manually install, do the following:
1 - Extract the zip with WinRAR;
2 - Delete the esps you don't want, put the bsl, bsa and esp file and the folders on your Data folder at Skyrim's directory.
3 - Activate the esp with NMM, Wrye Bash or Skyrim's launcher.Done.

In case you want to uninstall ( what you don't ), just delete the files you put in there.No scripts, no bloat, no cry, no ragecomment on my mod.

This is mod is incompatible with:
• Loot overhauls ( except self );
• Mods that change leveled actors ( not so much );
• Mods that edit the Cells I did, such as Whiterun, Kilkreath Temple, Shops made robbable etc;
• Crafting overghauls, as I didn't patch them yet.

Using a "incompatible" mod WILL NOT break your game.A few mods that ARE compatible:
• Any Follower overhaul;
• Retextures;
• New sound/sound changes;
• ENBs, CoT, Realistic Lighting.

This is how your load order should be:
• [Esms]
• Any low-importance mod
• Mods that have patches
• Mods that alter leveled lists but have o patches
• IL & IC as well as optionals
• DLC and mod Patches
• Dragonborn Patch ( in case you have Immersive Armors patch )
• Mods that alter specific vendors/factions
• High-importance esps ( Skyproc patches/CoT/W.A.T.E.R/ etc )

What to do
I have a lot of stuff planned.See what here and give your opnion!
• Armors:
- Necromancer Bone armor Heavy & Light;
- Fire, Thunder and Frost mage armor ( unique );
- Iron chainmail boots, gauntlets and helmet;
- Scaled chainmail armor;
- Noble Plate set;
- Full Steel Plate set.
• NPCs:
- Wildcat & Snow Wildcat;
- Forsworn Sabrecat;
- Draugr Hound & Warhound;
- Dwemer Cyborg;
- Ore golems.

• Other:
- A lot of stuff plannet for loot module;
- Different robbable chests.Chest model will vary with types of vendors.
- Process all of Skyrim's dungeons.

This mod couldn't be done by me alone.
• ThresherMaw for everything not mentioned below
• T3nd0 for help with installer and robbable shops
• Etayorius for critter AI
• Defunkt for Iron Chainmail model
• MadCat221 for Robed Steel Plate model