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ADEC Tera Armor Collection
Latest Version: 1.4

This is a collection of armors from MMO Tera Online converted to Skyrim and made to fit the ADEC body.
These are stand alone armors that can be forged with vanilla perks at any forge.

Rubicite * Ebony armors perk* (Heavy armor with stats comparable to ebony armor)
Xenocite * Dwarven armors perk* (Heavy armor with stats comparable to dwarven armor)
Inquisitor * Advanced armors perk* (Heavy armor with stats comparable to steel plate armor)
Operative * Elven armors perk* (Light armor with stats comparable to elven armor)
Viridinium * Dragon armors perk* (Heavy armor with stats comparable to dragonbone armor)
Orichasium * Orcish armor perk* (Heavy armor with stats comparable to orcish armor)
Brigandine * Advanced armors perk* (Light armor with stats comparable to scaled armor)
Conspirator * Steel smithing perk* (Light armor with stats comparable to light imperial armor)

Inquisitor Divine retexture by Monsto
Xenocite no Skirt
Rubicite no Skirt
Orichasium no Skirt
Conspirator no Skirt

Copy meshes and textures folder to Skyrim/Data
Copy the .esp file to data folder and activate

You must install one of the TBBP body files listed below** from the *main files section* here:
Acdale's EyeCandy Body (ADEC) v2.4 or later...2.4 has the required skeleton for tbbp...replacing the skeleton with one that does not support the tbbp bones will cause this armor to crash your game.
Skyrim 1.8 +

Beta : Initial release
1.0 : Added Viridinium Armor
1.1 : Added Orichasium Armor
1.2 : Added Brigandine Armor
1.3 : Added Conspirator Armor
1.3.1 : Added the eviromental map to the Rubicite and Viridinium armor so the metal parts would reflect as I first intended them to do.
1.4 : Added the eviromental map to the Conspirator armor.
Reskinned all of the armors to be compatible with my ADEC TBBP body which can be downloaded here : Acdale's EyeCandy Body (ADEC)
Be sure to follow the installation instructions on the body mod page to get TBBP working.
If you don't wish to use or see the TBBP animations you can still upgrade as the body and armors are backwards compatible and work fine with BBP animations.

En Masse Entertainment / Bluehole Studios - TERA Online
The assets from TERA Online are used with the express permission of the En Masse Entertainment Public Relations Department.
All models in this pack are copyrighted, and belong to their original authors and copyright holders. This mod is not a commercial modification and so you can't gain any profits by releasing any parts of it for any material benefits.
The original Tera armor concepts, mesh and textures are owned and copyrighted by En Masse Entertainment and used with permission. All rights reserved.

Silver0236 for the Operative and Inquisitor UNP meshes , which I used to convert to the ADEC body.

Monsto for webpage design , banners , the Inquisitor divine texture and help with the Viridinium textures.

Mod was featured on Skyrim Mods Week 42 starting at 4:32