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Halloween Overhaul - Halloweenifying Skyrim
Quests, Decorations, Equipment, Music, Textures, Monsters, Etc.

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Hello once again Nexus; I am back for more Halloween again.   Incase you missed HO12, and HO13, Halloween Overhaul is basically a mod which adds new music, quests, locations, decorations, and whatnot; this mod should be compatible with most other mods which don't directly effect cities and already existing npcs, but even then it should still be compatible if you run the other mods after it in the load order; although you may notice things not being as decorated.   Anyways, many people have given resources for the project; whom of which can be found in the credits section.

PS: None of the videos hosted on the description are upto-date, and neither are the screenshots.  So if anyone would feel free to take a video and host it on youtube I'll add it into the description here.

There is a lot of things added in this mod, so it's probably best to just watch the reviews or install it and discover things for yourself.


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_Somewhere Between 2013 and 2012_


The Nexus-
badgremlin - A bunch of 3D models.
Merilla&Tamira&Yughues- Lots of Pumpkins
Tamira - Jack O Lantern, Lollypop
Deadmer0610 -  DS2- Death Mask
Ironman5000 - Scary Monster Makeover
Maxxehdood - Evil bloody draugr skins
Ochinsama - Witches' Hat
ysbkvkud - Witch Girl Robe
 Moicom - Guy Fawkes Mask
Motch1391 - Majora's Mask
MastaWizard - Rupees
BurntBiscuit/tyfe1994 - Jack of Blades Costume
[ECE Team, Ren, Radioragae, Peggy, NewSea, SKS, dimon99, Vicn] - Vicn Creature Pack.
Gendundrup - Nexus Creature Resource: [
CD Projekt Red (The Witcher, The Witcher 2) - Ancient Troll model, Draugir, Drowner, Drowned Dead, Golem, Nekker, Nekker Warrior, Rotfiend, Greater Rotfiend, Wraith, and Armored Hound.
Newermind43 (Ents in Skyrim, The Dinosaurus Era) - Ancient Spriggan, Triceratops, Gllimimus, Dilophom
exray catt (Fire Giants, Frost Giants) - Fire Giants, Ice Giants, Ice Mammoths
KANRAx2 (Yurufuwa Rabbit) - Bunnies 
muppetpuppet (Moonpath to Elsweyr) - Forest Spider, Hyena, Imga, Pahmar, Rivercrab, Siligonder, Therium, and Sload.
frankthefish (Prides of Skyrim, Horkers of Skyrim) - Horker Bull, White Horker Bull, Horker Pup, Horker Dog, Leopard, Lion, Lioness, Scar, Tiger, Panther
Grohiik (Perfect Blood Hybrids Mod) - Perfect Blood Hybrid
Ph0rce (Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak) - Flame Atronach Horse, Frost Atronach Horse, Storm Atronach Horse, Skeletal Horse, Undead Horse, Soul Cairn Horse.
cansu (Arvak Skeleton Horse) - Ancient Bone Horse
Dogtown1 (Xenomorph Alien werewolf replacer V4) - Xenomorph
MrCasual (Zombie Dragon Resource) - Zombie Dragon
Leodoidao (Mummy Draugr Creature Resource) - Mummy
Penguinchao (Fire Wraiths - New creature based off the Ice Wraith) - Fire Wraith
Hissssa (hs-cat, hs-dog, hs-rat) - Shiba Inu, Rat, Albino Rat, Cat
Dogtown1 (Monster Mod) - Nix-Hound
Newermind43 - Ghost Rider Mask
viltuska (Rhinos of Skyrim) - Wooly Rhino]
Tentain Shadowfall(me) - Some weapons, tiki torches, and a large number of other resources.
MrCasual - Golden Saints and Dark Seducers

Tamira&Arion - Teddy Bears
Insanity - Insanity's Headstones, Lanterns, and chessboard.
Newgrounds Audio Portal-
The Masters House - WingoWinston
O Come all ye dreadful - WingoWinston
Strolling In a Dark Forest - WingoWinston
Halloween Town - Chronamut
MysticQuestBoss - killkhan
Zombie Caverns - 3kliksphilip
Doomsday Brigade - Breed
Vampire Night - NexhasUnleashed
Lonely Room - Rig
Zombie Party - Rig & Gene-goldstein & Gumboozle 
Dark Holidays - Andersson187
Reanimated - ZStriefel
PhantomBattle - hektikmusic
Power Surge - Psil0
Darker Stormy - Pftq
~'{Sand Rift}'~ - Kid2Will
Jacks Lantern - Hades
The Trickster - Shadow6nothing9
Dancing Dolls - LiquidOoze
Gay Vampire - HLG
.Halloween. - Koit
Endless Slaughter - TheDoomrider
The Devil's Fugue - Adompeace
Evil Foundry - Skyler182
-+[October]+- - LadyArsenic
Spookerss - Tarteviant
Halloween Dawning - MalTheDestroyer
Grieving Willows - S3C
Gnashing of Souls - S3C
Gatekeeper of the Necropolis - S3C
AllHallowedForest - CheckeredZebra
Halloween Frankiensteen - SwanBrown
HalloweenSpecial-Mysterious - Sorohanro
Halloween Special-Frankenstein - Sorohanro
Atmosphe6 Ghost Town - HonorOfStyle
Epic Halloween - aDeafBat
Rise of the Vampire Lord - John Rawman
Ghost Routine - Tilman
MysticQuestBoss - Killkhan
MysticQuestBattle - Killkhan
This is Halloween - Tenaar Feiri
Nightmare Night _ TheBellmaker
MysticQuestBattle - Saintedix
MysticQuestBattle - KerHATO
MysticQuestFinal - F7he5hocker
Hiding in The Darkness - MusicalRocky
Bloody Halloween - Mussiccman
Circus Nightmare - Captininsanity
Creepy Dark Halloween - Chara89
Halloween Piano Score - JackieChan726
Halloween - GamekrazzyProductions
Halloweenie - Newsect
KhentiHalloween - Kimken
MistyNight - Jaspeer
NightofthedancingSkeleton - Intero
Peons: Halloween - Thatcomposerguy
R.I.P. - AngelofPeace
Spirit Valley - RebornX
SneakySkeleton - Skyood
Streetlight waltz - TwoBitOperation
The Horde! - Death-is-forever
The Witch's Incantation - Cydrius
Everfree - ColaEuphoria
Saturalia - Christmas In Skyrim Resources - Deandra & Merilia
If I miss-credited or missed anyone; please let me know. :o

Also, extra special thanks to:


For being so awesome and helpful to me and the project.