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Author: McclaudEagle
Version: 1.0

Thanks to LiveStyleGaming for the video. Afterburner is at 3:48.

Description: Adds a tome in the Sleeping Giant Inn (Riverwood) which allows the player to learn the might spell, Afterburner!

Imagine having the power of a jet engine in the palm of your hand. The ability to light your enemies up like a Christmas tree, and blast them off the side of that 300ft cliff to their doom. Let's face it, Flames is underwhelmingly warm, and Unrelenting Force is about as unrelenting as a cat with a ball of yarn. Send people off cliff faces, blast those guard-telepathically-linked chickens onto someone's dinner table on the other side of Skyrim (except a bounty), or try to use it to break your fall from a 5000ft drop, only to die because you actually thought this worked in VTOL mode...the choice is yours!

Installation: Simply extract the Afterburner.esp file into your Skyrim Data folder (Steam > SteamApps > Common > Skyrim > Data)

Uninstallation: De-select the mod in the mod manager program you use, and delete the Afterburner.esp file.

Legal: You may use this mod however you see fit, as long as I am credited. Failure to comply with my terms will result in one thousand angry chickens chasing you to the ends of the Earth, that will peck you to death in a slow and painful manner. After that, your intestines will be used as skip-ropes for Lord Sheogorath's pleasure.