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The current version is v1.47d.

It is recommended that you reset your perks or start a new game before running this mod.

This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender 1.6.16 or newer (download at

A compatibility version for Staves of Skyrim by Kearsage is available in the optional files section. Install it over the main 1.47 file, and be sure to load StavesofSkyrim.esp before Combat Remastered.esp


Overwrite the old .esp and script files, and when you load an old save, open the console ('~' key) and enter the following command:

SetStage aaCRMMainquest 100

Close the console. In a moment, you should receive a message saying that the plugin is updating. You should then be ready to resume play.

See ReadMe for further details on updating.


A combat adjustment package inspired by mods like SkyRe, ACE, and Deadly Combat. Credits to the authors of those mods for their excellent work.

To summarise:
-Stamina is now significantly more important and you need to raise it to keep up with higher level opponents and use stronger weapons, otherwise they will quickly exhaust you.
-Both you and enemies can cancel attacks (press the Sneak key during attack windup). Enemies will cancel attacks to conserve stamina and intimidate you.
-One-Handed and Two-Handed are given deeper weapon specialisation perks and new stance perks. Two-Handed now benefits more from tempering than One-Handed, keeping it viable even at high Smithing levels.
-New Armor formula. Every point of armor increases protection without limit, but you will never quite reach 100% protect (to those who played Warcraft III, the formula is similar). To capitalise on this, Heavy Armor now gains many bonuses to Armor Rating (again, to keep it viable at high Smithing levels), while Light Armor gains more movement-related passive bonuses. Light Armor perks also work when unarmored now.
-Both Heavy Armor and Light Armor have additional movement-focused perks. Jump safely out of the way of attacks with Light Armor or stomp on opponent's faces from above with Heavy Armor.
-Optional modules are also provided for Archery, Sneak, Speechcraft and Magic.
-An optional module replaces the Lockpicking skill with an Inventing skill. This module requires Merged Thievery Skill by LukeH. Be sure to load Combat Remastered - Inventing.esp after MergedThieverySkill.esp.

See the ReadMe for a comprehensive list of changes.


Unzip contents to your Data folder and enable the plugins you wish to use.

Some of the files in the main directory require Dawnguard and/or Dragonborn.

For those without Dawnguard or Dragonborn, use the alternate .esps in the "Vanilla plugin files" folder.

For those with Dawnguard but without Dragonborn, use the alternate .esps in the "Vanilla + Dawnguard plugin files" folder.


Main file is incompatible with mods that alter weapon speeds or the weapon, armor or block trees. Also any mods that make use of the Infamy actor value (it's used by Combat Remastered to control armor damage reduction) or the Fame actor value (used to control damage output).

Archery file is incompatible with other changes to the Archery perk tree.

Magic file is incompatible with changes to the spellcasting perk trees or vanilla spells.

Inventing file is incompatible with other changes to the Lockpicking perk tree.

Speechcraft file is incompatible with other changes to the Speechcraft perk tree.

Creature Ability file is incompatible with other changes to creature racial abilities and actor records.

Enchantments file is incompatible with other changes to enchantment effects and enchanted rings.

-==TO-DO LIST==-

Sneak module that changes stealth settings and Sneak perks.

Balance tweaks and any required bugfixes, any extra perks/features as I think of them.


Empowered Magic by leasm, a great alternative to Combat Remastered - Magic.esp
Heavy Armory by PrivateEye
Extended Vanilla Weapons by Lrsamways
Weapons of the 3rd Era, MoS edition by masterofshadows, originally by 747823
Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44
ACE by Athyra, excluding Armor, Melee, and Realistic Fighting modules for compatibility reasons.
Apocalypse Spell Pack by EnaiSiaion
Artifact Balance Overhaul by Aertyr
ASIS by Plutoman101
Arrows and Bolts Tweaks by Kevkas (do not use arrow/bold speed modules if using Combat Remastered's Archery module)
Path of Shadows by Shadow_Dragyn


Bethesda for making Skyrim
Vicn for his Creature Resources
Everyone who's provided feedback and ideas to make Combat Remastered what it is today