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A PlayerBookShelfContainerScript alternative, using SKSE.

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A PlayerBookShelfContainerScript alternative, using SKSE.
IT WON'T WORK if you don't use SKSE (updated and properly installed, with all skse relevant pex files in the script folder)
SKSE allows the script to get rid of some nasty methods that were, otherwise, unavoidable.

The script allows you to place up to 48 books in one shelf (based on books size).

This script is based on Tiggz' work ( who made a cool version without SKSE

You are free to use/modify that script

Some books from the Dragonborn DLC are missing bounds references, so bookshelves script SKSE can't handle them correctly.
You can find a fix for this issue here, made by lessens: . thanks to him.

Book Covers Skyrim also fixes bounds and other issues for skyrim vanilla, DG and HF dlc's books.


Important: Go outside any house or cell where you can find a bookshelf, Save, exit game
Then use NMM, or justdrop both *.pex file in your Script folder.

Empty any bookshelves that have been filled with that script, then remove the PlayerBookShelfContainerScript.pex and PlayerBookShelfTriggerSCRIPT.pex files from the script folder.

another version of this script (updated, sort of) can be found here:
(the script can be replaced silently, it does the same thing with more book tests, and alternate motion placement)

Sources are included and can be modified freely.

Credits: Bethesda, Tiggz and SKSE team