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Last updated at 19:47, 12 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 19:21, 19 Sep 2012

This mod changes footsteps sound when you or NPC wearing plate armor or armor with metal elements.
Watch the video.

Sound changes when you or any NPC wearing:
Ancient Nord Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Iron Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Daedric Armor - (Cuirass)
Dwarven Armor - (Cuirass)
Blades Armor - (Cuirass)
Ebony Armor - (Cuirass)
Elven Armor - (Cuirass)
Imperial Heavy Armor - (Cuirass)
Orcish Armor - (Cuirass)
Steel Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)
Steel Plate Armor - (Cuirass or Boots)

Don't forget, you can always change footsteps sound volume in the game settings menu.

Version 1.2
(Craftable) Added Clanking Armor Ring for use with custom armors.

Just drop everything from archive into Skyrim/Data folder

Modified version by Eric The Luminant:
Deeper Clanking for Clanking Armor -

For Modders.
-How to add compatibility with my armor mod?
-You need to use "FSTArmorHeavyFootstepsSet" as footsteps sound set for your armor.

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