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A Display Room with mannequins, display cases, weapon racks, a bookshelf and an extra chest for the Original Suite and the Classier Version.

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This is a Display Room Addition to the "Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite" by Migal130 and optional a retextured version to match "A Classier BB Luxury Suite" by Rip88

The Display Room is located behind the master Bedroom, accessable thru a doorway left of the main bed.
It adds 5 mannequins, 3 single Weapon displays,2 double Weapon displays with shields, 2 display cases, a bookshelf and 1 extra chest.
(It moves some containers, but does NOT remove any of them, nor change their ID numbers, so any gear you might have stored in them is safe.)

I thought about how nice a display room would be in my favourite player home and I didn't like the idea of an extra cell for it.
I didn't want to add to the cellar, because who likes to go to a dark place to display their valueables.
I also wanted to keep the overall feeling intact and so I decided to go for the solution of putting a ceiling in the kitchen and place the room above it.

There are different files for the original Suite or if you run the suite with Rip88s Classier Suite (which I really recommend). Just pick the file you need, but only one ;) . For the classier version there are 2 optional files provided by rip88 in case you run the 1k or the 0.5k version.

Change log:

v 1.4
Classier version fix for a little clipping issue of the picture behind the main bed, clipping with the back wall when standing far away on the other side of the room. Original version just put on the same version number.

v 1.3
Original File Fix for a packing bug I introduced with the v 1.2 update ... I feel like a fool ;)

v 1.2
Classier Version only bug fix of the archive that placed the display case texture at the wrong location

v 1.1
Added a bookshelf for 33 books in the doorway. Initial release

v 1.0
First alpha version.

Required Files:
"Bathing Beauties or Beefcake - Luxury Suite" v5.0 or higher by Migal130

"A Classier BB Luxury Suite" v 5.0 or higher by Rip88 if you want to run the classier version.

Extract the Contents of the "Data" folder to, your skyrimData directory, (typically, C:ProgramfilesSteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData)
Insure BBLuxurySuiteDisplayRoom.esp or BBLuxurySuiteClassierDisplayRoom.esp, is turned on depending on what version you installed.
Use the NexusModManager to autoinstall.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the file is loaded after the BBLuxurySuiteClassier.esp in your load order if you run the classier version.

BBLuxurySuiteDisplayRoom.esp or BBLuxurySuiteClassierDisplayRoom.esp from the data Data folder or disable the mod in NexusModManager

Known Issues:
Mannequins are still bugged, so it is highly recommended to use: Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix by SLuckyD or any other mannequinn fixer. If you like mannequins you probably have something like this already, to prevent the mannequins from doing weird stuff.

To activate the new bookshelf, you need to leave the suite and come back in, in case your last savegame before installation was inside the suite.

If running the classier version and this mod is not AFTER "BBLuxurySuiteClassier.esp" in your load order. There will be a wall blocking the entrance into the room.

Migal130, for his beautiful original Mod found here:
RIP88, for all his help. Check out his Classier Luxury Suite at:
Bethesda, for another fun game.