Smugglers Den - small exterior cave by HiFiSi
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Last updated at 22:16, 9 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 5:48, 19 Sep 2012

This mod alters the small smuggler's den "cave" that is right outside Whiterun's city wall so it can be used as a player home. It adds all the amenities you could need. And it's an exterior cell, so you don't have to go through any pesky loading doors. You may on occasion get mauled by a dragon or wolf in your sleep, but you're sleeping out in the open, it's not like you weren't asking for it. I mean it's not really even a cave. It's more like a grotto. Or an alcove.

Here's the fun part. The cave is currently in use by a horde of bandits, 30 of them in all. They are all leveled and set at the highest possible difficulty, so killing them off will be fairly difficult. Unless you're a cheater :P All of the bandits are flagged as non-respawning, so if you can't take them all on at one time you can pick a few off here and there and keep coming back until you've got them all. Once they're all dead, the cave is yours! You will however have to put up with the smell of all those corpses rotting in the sun for a while, until they go away.

Double bed (player owned)
Tanning rack
Wood chopping block
Grinding stone
Enchanting table
Alchemy table
An extra campfire with a few benches
3 exterior bedrolls for follower(s)

CONTAINERS: Added custom named non-respawning storage containers as follows
Arrows & Bolts
Heavy Armor
Light Armor
Alchemy Ingredients
Books & Tomes
Soul Gems
Ore & Smeltables
Leather and Hides
Miscellaneous Items

There is a chest marked as "Trash Bin (Respawns)" that you can dump stuff in and it will eventually go away. It's a leveled loot chest as well so when it respawns there's a nice bit of loot in there for you each time.

I have taken the liberty of making the horse there invulnerable and 3x normal speed. If you're, you know, into riding horses or whatever.

There's a map marker there you can fast travel to once you've discovered the location.

There is a small hatch that serves as a shortcut to interior Whiterun

There's an optional version that doesn't have all the bandits in it if you don't feel like killing people. But let's face it. You're playing Skyrim. You're going to have to kill someone eventually.

v2.0 adds an auto-sorting feature

NOTE: Before upgrading to version 2.0, pull all of your items out of every container and make a save or you may lose some things, as I had to delete and combine some of the existing chests.

The auto-sort feature works as follows:

When you want to store your items, just activate the "Magical Sorting Rock" next to the table, and dump all of your items into it. They will automatically be distributed to their respective containers. Simple and easy!

There is also a "Manual Sorting Chest" and a "Sorting Lever" to the right of the bed. When you move the lever to the up position, it will pull all of the items from the normal containers into the "Manual Sorting Chest". When you move the lever to the down position, all of the items in the "Manual Sorting Chest" will be distributed back to their respective containers.

And lastly, there is a "crafting auto loot" feature as well. When you activate any of the crafting equipment, it automatically pulls the contents of any chests related to that equipment into your inventory, and when you leave the crafting equipment the items are returned to their chests. For example when you activate the alchemy table, it automatically moves everything in the alchemy ingredients container to your inventory, and when you stop using the alchemy table, all of the alchemy ingredients are automatically returned back to their container.

This mod is best used with:
These will allow your spouse and followers to live in your "cave" along with you.

Installation: Extract the files to your data folder
Uninstallation: Delete the following files:
- Data > Smugglers Den _ Eviction Notice 2_0.esp
- Data > Scripts > _sgaAutosortContainer.pex
- Data > Scripts > _sgaAutosortLever.pex
- Data > Scripts > _sgaAutosortMaster.pex
- Data > Scripts > _sgaCraftingAutoLoot.pex
- Data > Scripts > _sgaCraftingSpell.pex

v1.0 - original file uploaded
v1.0 - optional file with no bandits added
v1.1 - added shortcut door to whiterun interior, both versions
v1.2 - fixed problem where the horse would be attacked by your followers or the bandits
v2.0 - added automatic item sorting feature
v2.1 - updated all containers to be flagged as player owned (requested by someone using a mod that allows random NPC's to loot containers)
v2.2 - added 3 standard non-sorting storage containers (not effected by auto-sort feature)

Item sorting feature courtesy of resource files provided by Sjogga
Item sorting mod page: