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Mod 1-Add shield, boots, skirt, panties, for the great \"princess of the wood set.. by Sydney.B.\" Mod 2-modify some parts of the very nice \"DreamBurrows Princess of The Woods Retextures for more sexy girls.

Permissions and credits

First ..sorry for my english ...
Made for my personal use but why not to share...
Mod 1 /: POTW addons
Add shield, boots, skirt, panties, for the great "princess of the woods set.. by Sydney.B."
made for to match with "DreamBurrows Princess of The Woods Retexture", in black/brown color only.
Mod 1 install :
Use NMM or Extract and put "esp"," meshes", "textures" in your "skyrim/data" folder, activate (stand alone mod),can be crafted in the forge, leather section. (console ref ID elidid).


Mod 2 /: alternative textures
Change some textures parts (bodice, dress) of the very nice "DreamBurrows Princess of The Woods Retexture" for more sexy girls, in black/brown color only.
(Do not catch a cold)

The patch !!
Remove the original lower/pantie of the meshes, use NMM or extract meshes folder in "DATA" folder, overwrite. (after original Prince of the woods mod install, see link below).
Mod 2 install :
download and install :
1/-Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP by SydneyB

2/-Install the patch in my download section.

3/-install DreamBurrows Princess of The Woods Retexture by DreamBurrow

4/apply my retexture mod last ,Use NMM or extract and put "textures" folder in "skyrim/data" folder, overwrite.

My others creations :

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mod 2/ increases bow and sword stats like daedric weapons / ameliore les stats de l'arc et de l'epee equivalent aux armes daedric


Personnal homage to Liv Tyler :)

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Eliween follower (archer follower lvl 1 -> 100)

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Other's mod using in screen shot :

-DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

-Ashara Dimonized Dress and Dragon jewelry-UNP-CBBE-male by SydneyB (again ;)

-Serana shoes :
SkyHeels v 2_5 by electionis and jclyde6108

-Better Females by Bella by BellaGail

-ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii

-The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot

-numenume femalebrows MARO by numenume

-univision Face by DD AKT


Special thanks to :
Thanks to SydneyB for create the beautyful "Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP,
and open permission to using base model.

Thanks to DreamBurrows for the delicious "Princess of The Woods Retexture" and permission for modification.

Thanks to dimon99 for skirt model and permission and all others mod creation :)
DIMONIZED UNP clothing resources by dimon99

Thanks to Fraper for the boots "Triss Outfitt For TES V Skyrim" and open permission to use model.

Thanks to Dimon for the UNP female body and for the clothes resources.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

Thanks all users and modders.
I hope that I forget nobody...