City of the Ancients by Emottaja
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========================================READ THIS!!=========================================
I haven't worked on this mod for some time now and I'm leaving it here. If someone is interested in tweaking the rest of the bugs and/or adding quests, then go for it. Just remember to credit.

City of the Ancients adds a hidden city inside a mountain gorge near Valthume,
south from Markarth.
The city has similarities to Dwemer buildings, but has some Nord assets in it.
All types of shops are included ranging from the general merchant to smith,
all the way to a library.

The city is inhabited by an ancient race known as the Old Ones.
They are immune to disease and have no need to breath underwater.
Their wounds regenerate rapidly, but their otherworldly physique make them weak to sunlight.

The city has many different shops and some skill trainers.
Books with lore have been added to various places inside the city.

Timeless beings who have existed since times of old. Forgotten by the man and mer of today, they keep to the shadows, shrouded in mysteries.

Starting Skills:
Archery 5
Alteration 10
Speech 10
Destruction 5
Enchanting 5

Racial Ability:
immune to disease
rapid health regeneration
bonus armor rating while unarmored
bonus speed while unarmored
bonus sword damage while unarmored

Racial Weakness:
lowered health and stamina in sunlight
lowered health and stamina regen while wearing heavy armor

This is my first mod made for Skyrim.
I have tested it several times, but some bugs might appear.
If you encounter any bugs or other issues comments would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for downloading. Please enjoy.
Required mods:
Apachii skyhair
Recommended mods:

Apachii for Skyhair

May conflict with anything that edits the marriage quest.

Change Log:
0.1 - Beta release
0.2 - Added non custom race npcs, bug fixes
0.3 - Added custom race
0.4 - Added custom race npcs, fixed clipping, modified some buildings
1.0 - Added intro quest to the city, added a storage room near the farm, minor bug fixes.
1.1 - Added new clothes and recolored clothing used by the Old Ones.
1.2 - Fixed owner error with the magic shop and recolored some wall textures.
1.3 - 2 new places, 3 new followers and 1 new secret.
1.4 - Added a player home with marriage moving option, fixed a bug with the jail.
1.5 - Added 4 new spells, added enchantments to caste clothing, fixed script bugs.
1.6 - Added 2 more spells, new caste living in the roof, tweaked racial ability.
1.6.1 - Quick fix on racial ability.
1.6.2 - Bug fixes, racial tweaking, cleaned up trash, added missing files.