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This add equip-able bandages

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Injure Kit

Abram Creation

Thanks to LivestyleGaming

(Category: 400 - Realism)


requested by Ronsan123, well i decided to share a bit XD

Do you want to look injured or poor? now this is a mod for you.

This Mod Adds a:

- Play'able Bandages/cuffs

List of items:

- BA1 Gag
- BA1 Arm Bandage
- BA1 Head Bandage
- BA1 Tunic
- BA1 Trousers
- BA1 Shoe'wraps
- BA1 Cuff
(BA1=Vanilla Items)

- BB1 Gag
- BB1 Arm Bandage
- BB1 Head Bandage
- BB1 Tunic
- BB1 Trousers
- BB1 Shoe'wraps
- BB1 Cuff
(BB1= Color Black)

- BLo1 Gag
- BLo1 Shoewrap
- BLo1 Tunic
- BLo1 Trousers
- BLo1 Arm Bandage
- BLo1 Head Bandage
(Blo1= With Blood)

- Bwhi1 Trousers
- Bwhi1 Tunic
- Bwhi1 Cuffs
- Bwhi1 Shoewrap
(Bwhi1= White Color

All Bandages and cuffs have enchantment that is fortify heal rate

Needed Items:

- Leather
- Leather Strips

Can Be craft on tanning rack

It changes wounded soldiers items to be lootable :)

Required Higher Version of skyrim

not Compatible on changing bandages etc

~I might update this and my other mods but im too busy studying (waasome XD)
If anyone want to re'texture it . go ahead :)

Big thanks to kaemon