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Combines the colors and spirit of Skyrim with the best ENB has to offer.

Permissions and credits
Now supports ENB v0.308!


(Thanks to GamerPoets for the helpful installation video!)

For help creating your next character, check out my SkyBuilder mod. It is a great way to give your character an appropriate head start, and you can even have it grant unspent talent points to spend on custom trees. I also recommend checking out the Random Alternate Start mod.

Thanks for all the downloads and endorsements!

NOTE: For optimal appearance and to use PNENB as intended, set your in-game brightness slider in the very middle.

UPDATE: I HIGHLY recommend that everyone download Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton (I personally use the non-JIT version as the JIT version is too "poppy" for me). This mod compliments PNENB perfectly! It doesn't change colors or weather or lighting like other enhancement mods (which makes it compatible with essentially everything.) Instead, it fixes the positioning and distribution of lights so that, for example, light from a fireplace actually lights the inside of the fireplace. Just check out his screenshots. Zero performance hit and a RADICAL improvement to the game!

UPDATE: I HIGHLY recommend Real Shelter by Robinsage, which is fully compatible with all the PNENB patches. I personally run CoT, TS, ESS, and NLA, along with Real Shelter, and the heavier rain from True Storms blends almost perfectly with the Real Shelter effects. Just make sure to un-check the option to generate regional data when running the Real Shelter script to avoid problems with rain effects disappearing when moving under shelter and not coming back (not specific to this ENB or its patches).

UPDATE: I HIGHLY recommend Lightning during Thunder Storms by Minty (AND the CoT patch if you use CoT). Set the bloom level to between .1 and .25 in the Mod Manager settings if the flashes are too bright. You can also adjust the time between strikes. This adds a huge amount of realism and immersion, and you can even enable a special feature of Real Shelter during the patch script to have Minty's lightning show up even when sheltered.

UPDATE: New Static distant DOF included in the optional section. This is similar to Dynavision but more subtle. Options for graininess and other settings are in the in-game editor under the enbeffectprepass.fx section.

FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH NIGHT EYE EFFECTS, including all normal Skyrim effects as well as Gopher's Predator Vision mod. Here are a couple videos to show how well they work: Skyrim Night Eye, Predator Vision.

NEW ADVANCED UNDERWATER EFFECTS: The latest ENB enables advanced effects for underwater including light rays shining through shadows on the surface!

Supports the latest ENB water surface settings as well. Here is a video that may help you to decide on a water mod to use with PNENB: Realistic Water Two vs. Pure Waters vs. W.A.T.E.R, though I HIGHLY recommend Realistic Water Two with the optional ENB textures available on the page, as it looks by far the best with this ENB.

ENBOOST MEMORY/CTD REDUCTION INCLUDED: PNENB includes the latest ENB memory stability technology (dubbed "ENBoost"), which vastly improves performance. ENBoost allows the game access to additional memory through the enbhost process, and simultaneously performs compression and dynamic unloading to reduce overall memory use, ensuring the game doesn't pass the critical RAM usage limit that typically results in memory-related CTD crashes. You do NOT need to download ENBoost separately if you use PNENB. Reference this page to view the correct settings for your video card (select download then open), or open the enblocal.ini file included with PNENB, and change the file with the correct values for your video card as per the installation instructions further down the page.

NOTE: If you experience stuttering, lockups, or CTD issues, try opening enblocal.ini and setting AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false after configuring the appropriate memory setting for you video card as outlined above.

ENB Hotkeys:

Insert = Take a screenshot.
Page Down = Clear VRAM.
Shift+Enter = Toggle in-game ENB config editor.

Skyrim Console:
~ = Open in-game console. Type 'tm' (without the quotes) and press Enter to hide all graphical HUD elements for unobstructed screenshots. Type this command in the console again (or restart Skyrim) to turn the game display back on.


The PNENB graphical mod is performed 100% in post-process and is therefore is 100% compatible with any mods that alter lighting, color, fog, etc. (Make sure your Skyrim launcher AND video drivers have Antialiasing OFF or set to "Application Controlled" to avoid graphics glitches with any ENB.) All of the mods listed below for example (except RCRN) are fully compatible, though whether they look better than PNENB by itself is of course a matter of personal preference.

  • RCRN: Not compatible as it uses its own post-process injector d3d9.dll. However, some have reported success replacing PNENB's SMAA with RCRN's .DLL in the enblocal.ini [PROXY] section (untested).
  • Enhanced Lights and FX: Fully compatible, though I prefer using Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton instead.
  • Realistic Lighting Overhaul: Fully compatible, however again, I prefer Relighting Skyrim.
  • Supreme Storms: Fully compatible - Load after any PNENB patch you might use.
  • Climates of Tamriel: PNENB now includes full per-weather support for CoT! See installation section for information about which PNENB compatibility patch to install based on your mod list (you only need one).
  • Audio Overhaul for Skyrim: Fully compatible. See installation section for information about which PNENB compatibility patch to install.
  • True Storms: Fully compatible. See installation section for information about which PNENB compatibility patch to install.
  • Expanded Snow Systems: Fully compatible. See installation section for information about which PNENB compatibility patch to install.
  • Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB: Fully compatible. See installation section for information about which PNENB compatibility patch to install.

If you do use CoT, install only the ClimatesOfTamriel.esm and ClimatesOfTamriel.bsa files by themselves, and use the appropriate PNENB patch. Any optional files from CoT are not needed and will conflict with Relighting Skyrim.


NOTE: If you use other ENB's and have made custom tweaks, you might want to back up the enbseries folder for those prior to copying over the PNENB files. That way you can copy them back if you decide to install a different ENB.

  • First download ENBSeries v0.308 (mirror). Copy d3d9.dll from the "WrapperVersion" folder to your main Skyrim folder, saying yes to overwrite (this will also make sure you are using the right version and not one from another ENB, which is important).
  • Copy everything from the "1-ToSkyrimFolder" of the main PNENB download to your main Skyrim directory, saying yes to overwrite.
  • Copy PNENB.esp from "2-ToDataFolder\Vanilla Only" to your Skyrim\Data folder and check it in your mod list.

Additional plugin support for weather mods:

  • OPTIONAL: If you want to use Climates of Tamriel (weather support built-in, highly recommended), download Climates Of Tamriel (non-loose package). Copy the two files files from the "00 Main Files" folder only. Others will conflict with Relighting Skyrim.
  • OPTIONAL (but highly recommended): Install Relighting Skyrim - No JIT version.
  • OPTIONAL: Download Expanded Snow Systems - Climates of Tamriel Version, otherwise if not using CoT, install the regular Expanded Snow Systems. For either version, download and install the main file only.
  • OPTIONAL: Download Natural Lighting and Atmospherics, (main file only). Install ONLY the Natural Lighting and Atmospherics.esp file from the included Data folder.
  • OPTIONAL (but highly recommended): Download Vivid Clouds and Fogs. Copy all files from either the Vivid or Medres folders, but NOT both. Use Medres if you need more performance. Do NOT copy anything from the COT patch or Extended Weathers folders.
  • OPTIONAL: Download Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 and install the appropriate version of the main AOS.esp only. Do NOT install any of the CoT or NLA patches.
  • OPTIONAL: Download True Storms and install everything from the 00 - Core Files folder only.

(If you did not install ANY, or ONLY installed CoT, keep only the PNENB.esp from the initial install.)

  • If you installed any of the above weather plugins besides just CoT by itself, delete the PNENB.esp plugin from your Skyrim\Data folder and install one of the following instead. Click the following links for details/load order for different mod combinations (NOTE: CoT = Climates of Tamriel, AOS = Audio Overhaul for Skyrim, TS = True Storms, ESS = Expanded Snow Systems, NLA = Natural Lighting and Atmospherics): ESS+NLA, TS+ESS+NLA, CoT+ESS+NLA, CoT+TS+ESS+NLA, AOS+ESS+NLA, AOS+TS+ESS+NLA, CoT+AOS+ESS+NLA, CoT+AOS+TS+ESS+NLA, or if you are not using any of these mods, are using CoT only, or are using an unsupported weather mod, copy PNENB.esp from the 2-ToDataFolder\Vanilla Only folder to your Skyrim/Data folder and activate to fix the inverted colors on word walls ENB bug without changing any other settings (compatible with everything).
  • NOTE: You do NOT need the CoT Dawnguard or Dragonborn patch from the official CoT page, or any of the ESS patches, or the CoT Weather Patch mod. All of these are customized and incorporated in the respective PNENB patches above. Make sure you load the selected PNENB patch AFTER all other weather-related mods, at the bottom of your load order.

Additional installation checklist:

  • If you would prefer to use the new static DOF (which looks similar to dynavision but more subtle), download the file from the Optional section, copy it to your Skyrim folder and overwrite the files from the main PNENB install. Options are in the enbeffectprepass section of the in-game editor. Remember to set EnableDepthOfField=true in enbseries.ini or enable through the in-game editor.
  • Download the enbhelper.dll and EXTRACT it to the "enbseries" folder in your Skyrim directory (created by the previous step if you didn't already have one.) This is needed for per-weather settings and underwater support.
  • The default ENBoost file included with PNENB (enblocal.ini) is set up for an NVIDIA card with 1GB+ VRAM running on a 64-bit OS. If you have a different card, reference this page (select to download then "open" when prompted) to view the correct settings, then edit the appropriate section of enblocal.ini. (This information is also available WITHIN the enblocal.ini file itself for easy reference).
  • Install the Mindflux Particle Patch to fix bright water, some fire issues, etc. I suggest you load it BEFORE the Static Mesh Improvement Mod if you have it. This has been packed as a .BSA with a single .ESP file so all you have to do is activate it in your mod list. If you want loose files, you can download them here (both versions do the exact same thing).
  • Lastly, open your SkyrimPrefs.ini file from your Documents->My Games->Skyrim directory, and set bDrawShadows=1, bTreesReceiveShadows=1, bShadowsOnGrass=1 (may need to add manually), bDrawLandShadows=1, and bFloatPointRenderTarget=1. (This is required for all ENB configurations.)

NOTE: It is recommended whenever you install a new ENB or update, that you run the Skyrim launcher to update your config files before checking the above settings, as they can sometimes get reverted after running the launcher for the first time after an update (or after a video driver update). Just open the launcher, verify your settings, and close it as normal. You don't have to change anything to update your settings, just running the launcher is enough. Then check the above values in SkyrimPrefs.ini to make sure they are still correct.

IMPORTANT: In your Skyrim Launcher settings, set Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering to "Off (best performance)" since both are handled by the mod with better quality and faster performance. HOWEVER, for the record you CAN set FXAA on in the launcher under the advanced settings, and it DOES help to smooth things out even more. If your system can handle it, this is a decent and performance-friendly compliment to PNENB's SMAA, which looks quite a bit like ENB's EdgeAA.

In your video card settings (NVIDIA Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center) make sure both Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering are either off or set to "Application Controlled," and the "Texture Filtering - Negative LOD Bias" (or something similar) is set to "Clamp" or "Off" (this is taken from the official ENB documentation.) Also, if your video card settings support Ambient Occlusion for Skyrim, make sure that is off as well as it will conflict with the better looking ENB version from this mod. Make sure Vsync is set to "Application Controlled" as well since PNENB does this through ENB (and don't try to force it anywhere else either), and if you have a "Maximum pre-rendered frames" option I suggest also setting it to "Application Controlled".

RECOMMENDED: *EDIT: Memory patch now included in SKSE. Be sure you are using the latest version to eliminate most memory-related CTD issues.

On the topic of SKSE plugins, I also highly recommend everyone running a uGrids value greater than the default 5 download and install the Stable uGridsToLoad plugin which will help prevent crashes. Personally I would stick with uGrids 5 and use DynDOLOD instead.

Also, in addition to the Memory Allocation Patch I suggest opening the SKSE.ini it places in your Skyrim -> Data -> SKSE folder and adding the following:


This will clear out broken OnUpdate scripts from removed mods over time and help eliminate bloating saves and another possible cause of instability. Native SKSE feature, verified by pro modders like Arthmoor, author of the unofficial Skyrim patches.

One final consideration: If you have any color/saturation/vibrancy settings enabled through your video drivers or any mod that adjusts fog, lights, or lets you configure color and other values in-game, I highly recommend turning them off until you have decided how you like this ENB configuration by itself.


Optional Depth of Field: If you would prefer to use Depth of Field, which actually looks pretty cool (especially for screenshots), simply enable it from the in-game ENB config editor (see hotkey section). Click to save the configuration at the top of the editor and it will remember your preference. Alternately, you can manually edit the same value in enbseries.ini.

NEW: Alternate "always on" Depth of Field effect for distant terrain much like Dynavision but more subtle. Download from the Optional section and copy the contents to your Skyrim folder, overwriting the files from the main PNENB installation. Options are in the enbeffectprepass section of the in-game editor. Remember to set EnableDepthOfField=true in enbseries.ini or enable through the in-game editor.

NOTE: This ENB configuration uses SubPixel Morphological Anti Aliasing (included), which is better than FXAA with very low performance cost. It is recommended NOT to change this since forcing AA through either the Skyrim launcher or video drivers will disable several of ENB's advanced graphical features like SSAO. If you would prefer to use a different screen space anti-aliasing (like a custom FXAA), you will need to change the PROXY setting in enblocal.ini to point to the correct .DLL.

Performance Options: If you find the default version too slow, first test setting SizeScale=0.4 and SourceTexturesScale=0.4 under the [SSAO_SSIL] section of enbseries.ini. You can try lowering SizeScale and SourceTexturesScale even lower to something between 0.3 and 0.4, though you must do this manually by editing the file in notepad or something similar prior to running the game (can't be modified in-game). If that still seems too slow you can set EnableAmbientOcclusion=false under the [EFFECT] section and/or DetailedShadowQuality=2 under the [SHADOW] section.

MORE OPTIONS: v1.54+ enables custom configuration of the HD6-based mode 5 shaders via the in-game ENB config editor. (See the articles section.)




  • Bethesda Game Studios for Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series.
  • Boris Vorontsov, for the core ENB that makes these awesome post-processing effects possible.
  • PNENB uses SMAA, Copyright (C) 2011 by Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Belen Masia, Fernando Navarro, and Diego Gutierrez.
  • HeliosDoubleSix, for the Post Process Mode 5 effects and outstanding work on the enbeffect.fx file.
  • Sheson, for the Skyrim Memory Allocation patch which eliminates engine ILS/CTD issues (now included in SKSE).
  • TES5Edit. This tool has been indispensable in many modding endeavors.
  • Matso, for his excellent Depth of Field effects.
  • --JawZ--, for the helpful guides and examples of interior separation code.
  • KyokushinOyama, Staind716, and solsikke737, for reference on combining various code in certain files.
  • Midhras, Bronze316, Tapioks, and countless forum posts and helpful information from the modding community.


You may not re-upload or distribute this mod on any other site. You may use my modified enbeffect.fx file (with all the HD6 stuff) in your own configurations, I only ask that you credit with a link and leave the header information in tact. Also make sure and credit the respective authors (listed in the headers for effect.txt, enbeffectprepass.fx, etc.)