Death Cam Duration Options by JustinOther
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Added: 15/11/2011 - 11:45AM
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Last updated at 0:59, 8 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 11:45, 15 Nov 2011

Name: Death Cam Duration Options

Version: 1.11

By: JustinOther

Description: Ever wondered what happens after death? The game keeps on running even after the player dies, but normally your last save is loaded five seconds after death, so you can't see what happens, like if your companion avenges you or if your body rolls all the way down a hill? At any time after death, if nothing interesting is going on, you can hit ESCAPE, then manually load your last save.

Install: Place ESP and BSA in Skyrim\Data, then activate with the launcher or load order utility of your choice.

Uninstall: Delete the file or untick it.

SKSE: If using SKSE 1.5.11 or later (availabale @, you can adjust the duration of the death cam in game in increments of five, ten, and thirty seconds. To access the options menu, press and hold SPACE while loading any save.

Rights: I'm a lefty. Do ...whatever.

Thanks: Beth for the game and Creation Kit, SKSE Team for enabling the in game options.