Vinis Crime Gold - More Expensive Bounty by Vinifera7
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Added: 16/09/2012 - 12:45AM
Updated: 05/11/2016 - 01:08AM

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Last updated at 1:08, 5 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 0:45, 16 Sep 2012

Nexus Exclusive

Vini’s Crime Gold

More Expensive Bounties

Also available for Skyrim SE


This mod increases the amount of bounty you incur for various crimes to less trivial values. Additionally, this mod changes the outfit players get when jailed from the beggar outfit to the prisoner outfit.


The easiest and best way to install is with Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer.

Manual installation is also easy enough. Extract vinis_crime_gold.esp to your Skyrim/Data directory.


This mod is compatible with everthing except mods that change the crime gold game settings or crime factions for holds. If you install other mods that change these things, there will be conflicts!


Does this mod change X?
Is X either the crime gold game settings or the crime factions for holds? If not, then this mod doesn't change X. Pretty simple, yeah?


  • Fixed problem where bounties incurred in the Reach used vanilla values.
  • Bounty for horse theft changed to 3,000 gold.
  • Bounty for werewolf transformation increased from 5,000 to 10,000 gold.
  • The outfit players get when jailed changed from Beggar Outfit to Prisoner Outfit.

  • Initial release