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Added: 15/09/2012 - 11:38PM
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Last updated at 0:49, 16 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 23:38, 15 Sep 2012

A small texure mod I made to make vampire eyes, especially Serana's eyes in
Dawnguard, more subtle.

Since I have her as a companion while I complete some earlier quests; the
glowing red eyes glaring at me were a bit much after a time ;-)

"Hey" I said to her, "Steady on". So I modded the vampire eye texture and am sharing with all.

NOTE: This mod will affect the eye appearance of all vampires that use this

Unzip to you game root directory, overwriting folders if prompted.

Delete or rename from your textures/actors/character/eyes

If the eye textures do not show up in game, check to make sure you have
bLoadLooseFiles=1 added to the [General] section of skyrim.ini