Nordic Kingdom by ninvus
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((((( dawnguard needed))))

this is in early beta, so do not expect alot of done subjects in this. the navmesh is just a beta and what not, some problems might occur with crashing to desktop when entering and exiting the save, near the top of the main mountain, do not worry it will be fixed... with that said here is the mod

Nordic kindoms is in it's own world space, to access this location go to whiterun, go to the dragonsearch bridge in white run ( the bridge you pass to go into the palace to see the jarl) but instead of going forward inside, take a right and follow the wall to one of the side entrances to the palace and there you will find the dark brother hood style door waiting for you, ((((leave a comment if you want a screenshot of the location!)))

What this mod aims to bring you?
- epic new world, filled with action and challenges for you to face down. and just like dark souls prepare to die... unless you use god mode then prepare to cheat lol, any ways i digress.
-lore friendly story that might just give you a hint to expect next, in my blackreach mod i shall make wink* wink*
- a new compainion that will aid you on your quest if you want him.
- and much much more

what all have you done with this mod?

well i have the size of the mod down, i only uploaded this part to give you but a taste of epic locations, this will also tie into my "divide and conquer" mod here on the nexus, the size i have for the new world scape is massive i have spent hours walking around it and doing some good old math and it is about 2 times the size of skyrim. a little big but will give me plenty of places to add player housing, and what not.

what is the story of this part of the mod?

well it is not all set in stone just yet, but at the end i will add a quest which gets your character to go into this new land and clear out these bandit's and the main bad guys i will not reveal just yet. eventually this mod will take you to the imperial city and oblivion(s)

is there a way i can help out?
yes there is always room for help i need people with good computers to help me navmesh once i have the landscape down pat. and those who are good at making events and quests happen i will need as well.

can we add our own mods to this project and you can place them in your world?

yes you can, anyone who offers up a location mod, or armor or what ever else mod i like to this mod i will give you credit, and name a npc in that area after your name, same with people who endorse you will get a mini quest npc named after you ( the first 30 endorsers)