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Added: 15/09/2012 - 03:28PM
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This mod allows you to change the weight of items ingame. It gives you a Spell and a Power.
The Spell allows you, when casted on an item, to change the weight of this specific object to a number between 0-9 (atm).
The Power opens up a menu where you can set the weight of potions/poisons,ore's/ingot's and ingredients to premade configs.

So what is the difference between this mod and other mods which changes the weight of items?
  • First of all this mod doesn't changes any vanilla items. This means it is fully compatible with any mod, even with mods which effects the same items.
  • The mod is also fully language compatible (only the messages/menus will be in english, but it doesn't changes the name of your items)
  • It is also fully compatible with custome armors/weapons if the author seted the keywords correctly, look into the FAQ for more informations.


This mod requires the latest version of Skyrim and the latest version of SKSE!

How to use the Spell correctly:

The way how the script works requires that the item you want to cast the spell on, has to be the closest item to your character. Take a look at the third image.


It is sometimes hard to hit with the spell (i'm not sure if that is caused by my ini settings), but there is a trick to avoid that: grab the item first (hold down the activation key) then cast the spell. (i'm working on this issue)

Unfortunately you need to use one of the optional files to change the weight of self-made potions/poisons.

If you want to set a weight via spell you might need to spam click the key you want to set it to i will fix this in the next update.


Q: The Spell doesn't work for the custome weapons/armors of mod x
A: There are keywords missing on these weapons/armors. If you have some knowlegde about the CK you can fix this your self by adding the keyword: VendorItemWeapon or VendorItemArmor to these items. (i'm maybe makeing a small tutorial about this because it is really easy to do.)

Q: I'm getting Crashes with this mod and mod x
A: This is not possible. But I still will look into it send me a PM or post a comment.

Q: Can i get the source scripts?
A: Sure send me a PM :), but be aware this mod has 1421 lines of code (atm).


If you want to uninstall this mod follow this procedur:
use the power -> go to advanced -> click uninstall -> save the game -> close the game -> uninstall this mod/deactivate the esp -> load your created save game -> make a clean save. Done.

Have fun :)
I really appreciate any feedback so please post a comment or send me a PM :)