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Skyrim in High definition ~ desktop wallpapers by Dezzz ~
concept art ~ fan art ~ Skyrim as you have never seen. Here is a compilation of my best wallpapers..I hope you like them.

update: Now incudes version 2... 6 New images in 1920x1080...4 in 2560x1600.

For anyone imterested in replacing the skyrim main menu image...we have the following quote from hellstorm102:
"anyone who is interested.. you can replace my textures for my main menu mod ( ) with these pictures,
Dezzz's work : mists of solitude, eldergleam dream, and volstag are allready on my mods optional files..
step 1 download my mod and these wallpapers
step 2 using GIMP + DDS plugin (freeware) you paste the 1080p image over mine, ( Skyrim/data/textures/interface/objects/ ) Zoom in and make sure the corners are lined up to the pixel Select all, then save.
you now have Dezzz's Awesome work as the Main Menu!"
hellstorm102..thank you for the tip...and your great mod!

Thank you Brodual, Saiodin, l1nkown and olivierhacking your videos!


- 4 all new images.
- 6 old favourites...some re-edited (improved?).
- 1920x1080 resolution jpegs...1080p
- Some images feature a 2560x1600 version...with More to come..if requested.
- All images (variously) created with Photoshop, 3ds Max and poser using screenshots, stock image clips and models (see image files).
- Images in file without title text.
- All images exclusive to Skyrim Nexus.

V2 image list:

- Dracarys - In the tradition of Eldergleam Dream..and probably my fave within this new image batch...with a nod to GOT!
- Dragonsreach - As promised, a new environmental piece. I am happy with this...but tbh, there is too much detail, giving it an unreal quality.
- Nightingale - This is an older piece I finally got back to. I like the sense of movement: the flowing cape and hair...and posing.
- Orc Tough Guy - Pure characterture. Had a lot of fun with this.
- The Spell - This is an older pic that missed the the first version. The spell effect is ok (I think).
- Companions - Somewhat comical and Easily my silliest image, this is good for a laugh...and I do like the rendering quality.

There are 2 or 3 other images that I hoped to upload, unfortunately I don't have the time to finish them atm....Not a huge update, nevertheless I hope you like it.

V1 Image list:

- Ancient Spriggan - This image was difficult to produce, (early versions were unappealing)..but the final works..i think.
- Province of Skyrim - Colourful still life...and nice desktop.
- Lover of Dragons - A kind of follow-up to "Eldergleam Dream".
- Lament - This is not for everyone..but has its appeal.
- Solitude - My first and only environmental piece...and very popular (thanks guys).
- Briar Heart - Are these heartless guys undead?..Not too sure.
- Tundra Timeout - This humorous image started life as a serious piece..but that didn't last long.
- The Mists of Solitude - A dramatic edit of this image may be a little cheesy..but I like it (guilty..)
- Vorstag - Just a minor edit here...with an edgier feel.
- Eldergleam Dream. - My most popular image..and probably my best. Alternative version included.

Recommended usage:

Create a wallpaper folder in a suitable location (if you dont already have one).
Extract the files "Skyrim_HD_wallpapers_1920_1080" to that location. Right click on the image you want as your wallpaper, and click on "Set as desktop background"
Desktop background switcher highly recommended (Windows 7 has this feature built-in).


Please PM me with any requests.

Thanks again guys:

To all my friends and colleagues in the Imageshare..your support of my work..and your inspirational screen-art has had a huge influence on me...thank you!!

All comments, sugestions, critics wellcome.