Enchanted versions of the Steel Horned Helmet by bruce142
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I don't know why bethesda didn't add this in the first place, but it occurred to me that this was missing when I was playing a "Dovahkiin" look-a-like character and when I wanted to upgrade his armor from the usual things he's wearing (Iron gauntlets, Hide/Iron boots, Iron Helmet, Studded Armor, Banded Iron Shield). I've used the best enchanted versions (eg Iron helmet of major archery) of his equipment (see previous list) and found most of the steel items with the same enchantment except for the steel horned helmet. This mod adds these missing enchanted items.

Where to find the enchanted versions of the Steel Horned Helmet.
My guess is they will appear on enemies after a certain level as other enchanted weapons/armor do. I haven't tested this but I have used the template of the normal version (like bethesda did with the other enchanted weapons/armor). The easiest way to get enchanted versions of the Steel Horned Helmet is by typing help "Steel Horned Helmet" 4 in the console (with the double quote marks).

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