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Kaprinde of Alinor is an Altmer Thalmor Wizard that has all the perks and spells of a high level Thalmor mage and is renowned throughout the Altmeri Dominion for eliciting confessions from even the most stubborn of prisoners.
This mod was a fan request that pointed out the serious lack of decent looking Altmer women in the game and he specifically wanted to do a new game as a High Elf. I am glad I undertook this project as she has been a great deal of fun to have with me, also if you like long legs look no further! She can be found in Rorikstead at the Frostfruit Inn waiting for you to help her ferret out those pesky Talos worshipers for the Dominion.

Personal Stats:

Race: Altmer or High Elf
Voice: Female Sultry
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Yellow (Baby Blue if using Natural Eyes by Nevenbridge)
Age: Around 400 years old or in Human terms her late 20's
Location: Rorikstead Frostfruit Inn
Weight: 49% at the scale. If you use ADEC, UNPB or CBBE bodies with BBP she should be okay but dont expect a busty lass by any means.
Height: 6'4" to 6'7"
Inventory: She is equipped with one Iron Dagger. She is nude without armor so you can outfit her with whatever you wish
Combat: Mostly Magic and some One Handed and Stealth perks. Spells include Banish Daedra, Chain Lightning, Close Wounds, Conjure Storm Atronach, Expel Daedra, Healing, Incinerate, Ironflesh, Steadfast Ward, Thunderbolt, Turn Undead... (I've seen her use everything but Close Wounds)
Properties: She is available non-essential or essential and is marriageable. She will also sleep in your bed.

***Fallout Hair Pack Fixed with NPCEditor Support is REQUIRED!***

Optional Files:

To make her look like she does in my images;
I used Bella's Better Females Main file then overwrote it with Makeup variant 1 and finally Bella's No Shine.

Darker Neater Brows by Caliente

Natural Eyes by nevenbridge:

Her body in my images is CBBEv3 main body with Navetseas CBBE 1.8 body "Toned Abs and Feminine Arms"; and some images show her used with "Glossy Skin for all female bodymod - v05 - No Gloss" textures (removes sheen from her skin if you like that look). (She can be used with whatever body you prefer)

She is wearing:
Dark Elven Thalmor-style Equipment by Flobulon:
Skimpy Thalmor Robes by a little sexy apparel replacer - for CBBE and UNP - by Cotyounoyume:
Glass Ring and Necklace: Expanded Jewelry Crafting by lautasantenni
Glass Crown: Crown Helmets by pnkrd
Glass Skirt: a little sexy apparel replacer - for CBBE and UNP - by Cotyounoyume
The rest of her glass armor and the chain-mail shirt is from Remodeled Armor CBBEv3M by MAK

Note: Since she is created using the NPC Editor I removed each and every extra hair file from her using the TESVsnip. There should be no extra hairs in the "showracemenu" with this mod in use.

***Remember to use Fallout Hair Pack Fixed with NPCEditor Support!!!***

Thanks for checking out my mod and please ENDORSE her if you like her! :)

Warm regards,