Nord Needs - Real Wildlife Skyrim Compatibility Patch by luc1dox
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Added: 13/09/2012 - 11:21PM
Updated: 14/09/2012 - 03:43AM

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Last updated at 3:43, 14 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 23:21, 13 Sep 2012

Nord Needs + Real Wildlife Skyrim Compatibility Patch


This patch will make the mod Real Wildlife Skyrim work with the Nord Needs mod. Adding the NN's eating and drinking effects to food items from RWS. Also includes minor bugfixes.


Nord Needs v1.5 by griffinsclaw

Real Wildlife Skyrim v1.342 by Nedius


1a) Download with NMM
1b) Download manually, and place the NordNeed_RW-Skyrim_patch_001.esp file in your Data folder.

2) Load the NordNeed_RW-Skyrim_patch_001.esp at the bottom of your load order. MUST be loaded AFTER both NN and RWS!

3.) Activate!

**NOTE** If you have trouble getting the patch to work try changing your load order so that NN loads before RWS. (or vise versa :P )


1a.) De-activate with NMM.
1b.) Delete NordNeed_RW-Skyrim_patch_001.esp from your Data folder.


-- v0.01 --
- Added all raw meats to Minor food category.
- Added Cooked Dog/Fox/Grouse/Hawk/Sabrecat/Wolf Meat to Medium food category.
- Added Cooked Bear/Giant/Mammoth Meat and Stews to Large food category.
- All stews provide small drink effect.
- Renamed all raw meat items to start with 'Raw' prefix (ex. Mammoth Meat -> Raw Mammoth Meat)
- Fixed spelling errors, mistakes!