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Dwemer Control is a mod that allows you bring new dwemer followers to life each with a different purpose ranging from: Combat to Utility.

Spiders are able to be made after finding "Aicantar’s Diary" and "A Scholar's Journal". To activate the spider you can either use the Quick Summon power or you place it on the ground and then deploy it.

The spiders have been sorted into three different categories:
Combat: These automation's are the most straight forward but least versatile.
Basic – A abnormal spider that has decided that you are its master.
Advanced – A magically enacted spider, resistant to weapons and with sharper claws.
Micro-Centurion – The pinnacle of hand to hand fighting, these Micro-Centurion's are more than a match for giants and their larger cousins.

Magic: After careful experimenting Aincantar has discovered spider imbued with powerful magic attacks and cloaks. There is one for each of the styles of destruction magic: Fire, Frost and Shock.

Other: There have been a few unusual spiders created, nobody is sure if they were created by the long lost dwarves.
Stealth: An unholy cesspool of magic resulted in a silent poison spewing spider
Anti-Mage: Nobody is sure how it came to be or its true potential but one thing is certain. Mage's run!
Wabbajack: The mad god certainly had a little bit of fun or maybe you are just crazy.

Planned Features:
Rework the stealth spider into a 'skill booster' and a poison spider
Add spiders that boost the players skills
Add a system to give the automation's boosts (health, speed, combat healing etc.)
New MicroCenturion:
Dwarven Overlord
Storage Spider

Version Notes
.4 Release notes:

Bug Fixes:
Actually removed Breton for Whiterun
Corrected a few recipes
Corrected core names
Fixed the activate script giving players the wrong cores

New quick summon spell (and select)
New activation menu's for the spider (Pick-up, give item, nothing.)
New activation menu for the cores (if you still use em :p)
Laid the groundwork for a new 'power up' system.
Compatibility with Gulogulo's Nature of the Beast II follower commands
Mechanical Healing spell (and tome)
Base spells and books are auto added

Code has been cleaned up, d irty refernces removed, unused code removed etc.
I know that the fire and frost spiders aren't working correctly. It is something Bethesda has done in a recent update :/

Merge into your data folder or download with NMM

Uninstall with NMM or just delete the DwemerControl files

This mod is intended to be compatible with Gulogulo's Nature of the Beast II(as of .4), it shouldn't interfere with anything else.
Big thank you to Ducey for helping me along with the basic development!

I need someone to do some modeling for me. Send me a message if interested.

I also work on TAGamingMaxed's Imperial Ranger Corps
Wickeworks: Aicantar’s Diary and A Scholar's Journal

“I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success....Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” - Nikola Tesla.