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25/4/2013 It is working now, but two of the dungeons have to be remade because they keep vanishing ingame. A quest, several new areas, and many new items have been added and will be available in the next update. That said I'm back!
17/11/2012 My creation Kit has stopped working! If I can’t get it going soon I’ll update what I’ve done and we will see…
25/10/2012 (Aussie time) Just to let you all know I'm still working on it. There is a problem I'm fixing, but work is slow due to a cold and some life stuff getting in the way. I HOPE to update the files mid to late next month.


So far this mod adds the Forgotten Library. The Library offers a boost to characters who don't want to cheat, and gives a little story (and items!) along with it.
I will upload pics soon. It is located near Bleakwind Basin.

I say so far because I am expandng on it :)

For all the people who want more info: In the Library you can find all the stat boosting books, a couple of spell tomes, a few more stat boosting books I created, and three info books I created, including one that sets up an expansion to The Forgotten. There is also an necklace waiting for you.

************UPDATE 1-3******************

In the forgotten city many buildings now have insides, this includes Steampunkia Castle.
The castle was originally going to be a non player home but has been turned into one. Doors that require a key have not been created yet. It's still a WIP so please be patient!
The basement of the castle needs a lot of work. Please tell me what you think of the little thing.

I've built a meuseam, a tavern, an Inn, some more Steampunk stuff, added a lower balcony to the Dovahkiin Mannor with some suprises, and a lot more.

I'm also open to sugestions after all this will be your city.


Still a WIP. If you want to help make characters or even make your own stores let me know!

As of the moment this house is not finished but it works great! Take a look around :)

The building over the bridge will be a servant’s quarters, and once the bug is fixed by Bethesda I have spots picked out for Mannequins. Also planned will be respawnable ore in the basement. More is planned both inside and out.

BTW The guy upstairs is immortal so don't attack him! He is your Housecarl. He doesn't say anything yet but his presence will explain some of the new items about and something mentioned in a book you can find in the city outside.

Delete the older version if you intend to use the Expansion Version!