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Auto Focus, Static Foucs, Tilt Shift, and Bokeh Depth of Field(Cirular and Polygonal).

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// Parametes :

#define NOT_BLURRING_SKY_MODE // not blurring the sky, enable this mode will use Gaussian blur only (DEPTH_OF_FIELD_QULITY 0) .
#define DEPTH_OF_FIELD_QULITY 3 // form 0 to 7, higher is more samples.
#define AUTO_FOCUS // enable auto focus
#define TILT_SHIFT // enable tilt shift
#define POLYGONAL_BOKEH // use polygonal shape bokeh or circular bokeh
#define POLYGON_NUM 5

// for auto focus
float2 FocusPoint=float2(0.5, 0.5); // the point you want to focus.
float FocusSampleRange=1.00; // sampling range of foucs, 0 is FocusPoint only
float NearBlurCurve=1.00; // control the blur from near to focal plane, higher is less blur
float FarBlurCurve=1.00; // control the blur from focal plane to far away, higher is less blur
float DepthClip=150.0; // the max distance you can see clear, over this distance will be blurred, no matter it's on focus or not.

// for static dof
float FocalPlaneDepth=0.50;
float FarBlurDepth=50.00; // the blur will increase from FocalPlaneDepth to FarBlurDepth

// for tilt shift
floatTiltShiftAngle=30.0; // it will rotate the focal plane

// common
float BokehBias=2.00;
float BokehBiasCurve=0.75;
float BokehBrightnessThreshold=1.00; // any bright source that its brightness over BokehBrightnessThreshold
float BokehBrightnessMultipiler=2.00; // will increase its brightness by BokehBrightnessMultipiler.
float RadiusSacleMultipiler=4.00; // blur radius affects the size of bokeh

// noise grain
floatNoiseAmount=0.35; // the max noise grain amount
floatNoiseCurve=0.50; // lower the value, the noise grain will increase faster when out of foucs.

float ChromaticAberrationAmount=0.25; // the intensity of chromatic aberration

------------------------------------- update 0913 -------------------------------------
Improved performance.
Improved chromatic aberration.

------------------------------------- update 0915 -------------------------------------

Added tilt-shift feature

------------------------------------- update 0915v2 -------------------------------------

Added noise grain into blur
(the code is copied from offical effect.txt)