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Last updated at 12:14, 29 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 22:49, 10 Sep 2012

Welcome to version 2 of the Batcave. This update has been made to address some of the issues and shortcomings of the original mod. The armour texture has been given a comlplete overhaul and the cave has been greatly improved.

If this is your first time downloading then you only need to download and install version 2. If you are upgrading then just download version 2 and let it overwrite all of the version 1 data.

IMPORTANT The cave is now located in the mountains to the south east of Falkreath. A new map marker will appear on your map when you instal the mod but you will not be able to fast travel there. The easiest way to get there is to travel to Bloodlet Throne and head west over the mountains from there.

Updates from version 1 to version 2
New Uv maps on the cowl and cuirass
New textures on all parts of the armour.
Better cave
All weapons and armour are now forgeable at the Batforge in the cave (note they can ONLY be forged at the Batforge)
All bugs have been fixed, on the mannequin and the sword blood texture object.
A specially enchanted suit of Batman armour is now on the mannequin.
The original instance of the batsuit should still exist in the game so if you've made an enchanted version for yourself it should still be there (hopefully)
Two new journals can be found in the cave to expand the lore of Skyrim's Batman. Joshua's journal can be found in his room and General Gordon's journal is on the shelf next to the enchanting table.
There is now also an optional 2k texture file for the armour.
This is the final version of this mod. I will not be doing ANY more work on it so please don't bother asking. I am still planning on releasing Baterangs for the thrown weapons mod but there will be no more work done on this armour or cave. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and endorsed this. It is greatly appreciated.

Skyre patch
I've been using Skyre to enhance my game for a while and noticed a bug with the enchanted gauntlets. Basically the attack animation was really short and clipped. The original enchantment on the gauntlets is to enhance pickpocket and lockpick. However as Skyre bundles these 2 together as fingersmith one of the enchantments became increased attack speed. The increased speed is what was causing the animation bug. If you're having the same problem you can either forge unenchanted gauntlets at the batforge or download the patch that has a fixed version of the enchantment on them. Just let it overwrite the exiting esp and you're good to go.

Credit where credit is due.
The hands are vanilla skyrim (why reinvent the wheel especially when the wheel is very complicated and must be precisely posed)
The cloak is the sage cloak from the Skyrim cloak collection and is used with permission of Nikinoodles and Backsteppo who created it.
And thank you to Zerofrost who's work inspired me to do a much better job with this.