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It does seem illogical to me that people have all sorts of cooking items/ingredients around their cooking places but no salts, yet salts are the must have ingredient for all most all kinds of cooking. Obviously in vanilla game cooking is not that necessary so bethesda did not feel the need of adding salts everywhere but if you use mods like Realistic Needs and Diseases then cooking becomes a necessity but in that case salt become a scarcity.
In order to fix this I have added about 155 sacks around all most every interior cooking places. All the sacks were placed by hand so that they don't look odd with the surrounding area. Just check the sacks around any cooking place and you should find one sack with good amount of salt. All sacks will respawn in the same way other sacks in the world do and all of them will be own by respective owner of the house.
You can test it by entering any of city houses (including your vanilla houses) or palaces.

Just add or remove the saltsack.esp file in your data folder, very simple mod :)