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Last updated at 12:07, 24 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 0:23, 10 Sep 2012

Dovahkiin's Castle.

Giant floating cliffs bugfix in the download section !

My first mod for Skyrim.
This is still work in progress.

A big estate as dragonborns home with all what the player needs.
Multirace friendly Castle with big courtyard and many new NPC's.
Follower friendly world and interrriors.
All interriors are navmeshed and tested.

You must be at Least level 20 to enter the dragonborn's valley!
Go to the door and you will become the key automatically.



* Exterior *
- Dragonborn's castle building incl. stairs
- Forge tower with working BlackSmith NPC (vendor)
- Outside Wall with patroling Guards
- New World landscape (dragonborn's valley)
- Courtyard houses with interriors
- New NPC's, Guards, trainers, followers, vendors

* Interior Castle *
- ground floor: main hall + side rooms
- second floor: sleeping area + siderooms with book cases
- tower interriors with big stairs
- Third floor (Dovahkiin's quarters, including alchemy corner, sleeping area, small armory, player chests)
- navmesh created and tested

* Castle Dungeon *
- Blacksmith, Female master + 2 female helpers, working, sleeping, etc.
- Jail with guards and crime faction (now working properly)
- Interrogation room (experimental feature)
- Big armory with 15 mannequins and many weapon racks
- Library
- Museum

Known bugs/ unfinished features:
- LOD for the world meshes (unfortunately LOD creation is broken in CK)
- navmesh finishing for the exterior
- some NPC's sometimes do not start properly, save the game and reload should fix it.

If you find any bugs, please report them!

General Notes:

If this mod is finished, it will be released in english and german language.
If you like to help or contribute, please PM me or drop a comment.

I may need some help with the german > english translation
(my english is not the best, sorry)

UPDATE 11.09.2012

- added new screenshots
- got blacksmith NPC to working properly
- now understand how navmesh is working :D

UPDATE 12.09.2012

- added working horse NPC
- added many details to the exterior
- added entry point on the map ( See screenshot: Link to picture )
- added entry cave to tamriel at south west of Dushnikh Yal ( See screenshot: Link to picture )
- uploaded demo file of the mod for download and testing

UPDATE 14.09.2012

- added screenshots from comming realease 0.03 (will be first playable version, in few days I think)
- still working on first version of the castle interior, (see mod images)
- added more details to the world
- added more details to the BlackSmith tower
UPDATE 18.09.2012

- replaced older screenshots with new from actual demo realease 0.03 at mod site
- uploaded demo version 0.03
- the castle has interrior rooms now, still lacking details and objects
* Main hall = entrance and throne room
* 2-nd floor - unfinished, no objects or furniture
* 3-th floor = Dovahkiin's quarters, alchemy corner, enchantment corner, bedroom - more to come.
- added more details to the world and castle exterior
- added more details to the BlackSmith tower
- expanded Navmesh area
- added quards ( test version, need fixing)
- there is trainer test NPC
- added working talos shrine
- door to dungeon added (no dungeon yet)
- fixed few bugs
UPDATE 22.09.2012

- added more details to the world, looks more realistic now, still needs tweeking
- added dungeon draft (see new screenshots)
- Female blacksmith master/vendor with two helpers in the dungeon
- added Jail and interrogation room to the dungeon
- added draugr warlord mannequins with new helmet object (draugr warlord helmet, based on yngol's helmet). No nude ugly manequins anymore ;) If they have no objects in inventory, they wear the north armor by default, a bit buggy, like original mannequin.
- added new details to dovahkiin's quarters
- added big door to main gate

UPDATE 29.09.2012
we are going to the beta phase soon!
- Navmesh on the important places is finished, tested with follower.
- All Buildings have interriors now.
- added bunch of NPC's, trainers, vendors
- NPC's AI improved
- Dragon Tooth Inn added, bard, barkeeper, servers

UPDATE 16.10.2012
BETA version released!
- Navmesh for all interrriors is finished, tested with follower and NPC's.
- added new NPC's, trainers, vendors, followers
- NPC's AI improved once more
- added library, armory, museum to the dungeon
- added armory corner to main quarters
- added book cases to second floor side rooms
- added guard house, improved guard AI


Version 0.950
BETA release.
Buildings and interriors are finished, looking for bugs.
Most NPC's have much more improved AI.
Navmesh completed for all interriors and for the most important exterior places and ways.
Added much more details to the interriors, fixed few bugs for the exterior world.
Grey face fix for the NPC's added.
expanded dungeon with museum, armory and library.
Mannequins in the dungeon armory fixed.

Version 0.31
preAlpha Version. Buildings and interriors are mostly finished, just need more polishing.
Few NPC's are missing, but the other have improved AI.
Navmesh nearly complete for the important places and ways.
The most NPC's have unique names now.
Two strong followers added, find them on top of the castle.

Version 0.05
This ist still unfinished work in progress version.
Whats new?:

- castle dungeon draft with female blacksmith, jail, interrogation room
- more details for the world, fixed few visual bugs
- new manneqiuns, wear draugr armor by default, new helmet based on Yngol's helmet
- improved dovahkiin's quarters

Version 0.03
This ist still unfinished work in progress version.
Whats new?:

- There are interrior rooms for the castle now, but they are unfinished! (I'm still working on them, check my update log frequently)
- no LOD world data (weird distance culling effects)
- NAVMESH only partial created.
- few working NPC's (test versions)
- Dovahkiin's Guards(test).
- new details added to the world and to the castle
- working Talos shrine

Version 0.02
This ist early and unfinished work in progress version (demo release), this means:
- no interrior rooms
- no LOD data for the world
- no NAVMESH created, except at Forge Tower.

unzip the ZIP file into your SKYRIM/data folder.

- remove the files from your SKYRIM/data folder.