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mod that adds a simple backpack craftable under the leather category that allows you to carry more weight (+50 points of carry)

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featured on gems Thank you Ka3m0n!

here is my third mod, this is just a little thing i made for my own use that i decided to upload due to the succes on the image section of the nexus :)

VIDEOS (they contain the older version of the back pack, the new version is in the screenshots)

thank you very much insane0hflex / svaalbard :) thank you brodual!

-closer version added just choose one version
-backpack is now a cloth so it can not entry in the light armor or heavy armor perk tree
-steel ingot required for crafting
-complete reskin of the first backpack

the mod simply adds a new backpack with an enchantment that raise of 50 points the carry weight ability.
it is craftable under the leather category at any forge for 2 leather scrap and 3 leather strips and 2 steel ingots.
it uses the 47 unnamed slot.

simply put the rar content into your skyrim data folder

- credit for the sword mesh and textures goes to backstept, author of the great "regent armory" mod: if you had not downloaded it yet you should do it because it deserves way more attention....thanks to him!
-bethesda softworks for all the skyrim assets, mesh and textures! thank you beth!
- thanks goes to cabal120 for the great time and the help he gives me with all my mods (we have something for you.....expect something good in the next months) check his awesome retextures, just pure awesomeness;
- thanks goes to omesean for the water skin meshes and the rope meshes help :) for the awesome time and for the help with the world object and all the good advices he always give to me! check his mods!
- me for spending my time on this.
-you nexus users for the great compliments!

if you want to translate the mod you don't need to ask me permission, just credit me and keep the original credits and link to the original mod
if you want to use the backpack in your mods contact me via PM and i will gladly give you permission to use it.

hope you enjoy this! sorry for eventually some clipping issue, i tried the backpack with a lot of combinations but i did not see any....

endorse if you like!

to the next armor!

czech translation by dropadred

armor in the screenshots is my nordic conqueror armor: