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This Mod adds Hybrids between Vampires and Werewolves, also adds cultists tha can summon these Hybrids to kill you!

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This Mod Adds a New enemy Race Called Hybrids and new NPCs that can conjure those Hybrids to Kill you! Adds a new spell, a staff and a book. Also changes a litle the Cell "SnowVeilSanctumExterior02". It Uses a New Leveled List and is Compatible with any other Mods, And i made it Lore friendly as possible as i could.

Lore: No one knows fo sure how these creatures are made and from where they come from, they are Believed to be the results of experiments made by wizards on lycanthropy and Sanguinares Vampiris.

Heres a video showing them in action:

You'll only get to See the Hybrids Near Hagravens (Leveled) and they can be conjured by "Hybrid Soul Cultist" which can be found near forts (leveled, if you're not tough enough to beat them they won't appear) and on their base which is close to Snow Veil Sanctum exterior (Not leveled, they will be there no matter what level you are)...

You can find the staff to conjure the Perfect Blood Hybrids at the Cultists base, then you can melt it to make a Spell Tome to learn the Spell or you can just use the staff instead!

It's not very hard to beat the cultists on their base if you are a level 50+ Dragonborn that has a follower and can conjure other creatures to help... just be sure to concentrate on the Cultists!

The Hybrids Leveled List Works Like This:

Low Level Character - Corrupted Blood Hybrid
Medium Level Character - Hybrid
High Level Character - True Blood Hybrid, Hybrid Soul Cultist (Both are Separated)

The Hybrids you and the Cultists can conjure is about the same level as normal "Hybrid".

Endorse the Mod If You Like it and leave a comment if you have feedback. It took me a lot of time to make this mod.

Also, i am aware the Hybrid Model isn't perfect.
If you want to use any content From This for your mod, Please ask me by Message first.

Grohiik/David Aron/Me: Mod

Bethesda: Skyrim, Dawnguard

And Thanks To All of you Guys Here At Nexus.
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