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  • How to Make Run For Your Lives Work With Your Mod

    For Town/Village/City Mods

    In order for the system in place to work with a mod added location, a few things need to be set up.

    1. A location record (LCTN in TES5Edit) should be established with the keyword LocTypeHabitation.
    2. This location requires a marker with its location reference type set to LocationCenterMarker. This only works outdoors, and is best placed as close to the geographic center of your area as possible.
    3a. If your settlement has an inn, you can have that become usable by flagging the inn's location as LocTypeInn. It must be set as a child location of the location in step 1.
    3b. If you do not have an inn, then you need at least one interior location with the LocTypeDwelling keyword set. It must be a child location of the locatio...