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Updated Alpha Version, very early stage, DAWNGUARD REQUIRED, status:

NEW Video, including:
Showcase, gameplay, animation replacer installation, creation kit adjustments, animation situation -
to understand the animation replacer and if you want to change DMG/RELOAD SPEED/MUSKET BALL GRAVITY yourself you should watch this video.

Animation replacer:
The normal installation comes WITHOUT animation. IF you want to activate the new shooting animation (it's nothing fancy, my first attempt as shown in the video) you have to rename this file:
meshes\dlc01\weapons\crossbow\animations\crossbow_reloadXXX.hkx to crossbow_reload.hkx
Just delete XXX

This animation replacer adds a tiny new animation to the musket (rotating lock in 1st person version) but alters the original crossbow release animation, the dwarven version works normally. It won't harm your original game files, though if you want to uninstall the replacer just rename the file once again or delete it. There is a manual in the screenshot section as well.

Just tried something: I activated the replacer, used my animated musket version ingame (the crossbow animation was messed up, musket worked of course), afterwards i renamed/deleted the animation file to deactivate the replacer - now the crossbow animation was alrigh once again AND my musket animation was still working...that's great but maybe just a coincidence.


If you don't like the dmg/speed/gravity or whatever you can change that yourself within a minute - watch the video, it's impossible to release hundred different types to make everyone happy.

Changes in v2:
- added 1st person version of the musket
- one with a single new "animation" (replacer) and one without
- you can now equip your followers with muskets
- added a stagger & disarm chance to the muskets (="enchantment")
- added musket balls with invisible bag to avoid clipping errors
- added godlike musket balls to crush your enemies - just for fun
- fixed the bug that spawned a bolt at musket ball's impact area
- fixed 3rd person musket model (2 visible metal parts were merged)

UPDATE: Added a thicker version to the file section.

If you don't like the actual enchantments or want to enchant them youself you can change that in CK (see video) or download the alternate .ESP file without enchantments. Yes, atm you can use bolts as ammunition as well, but it looks weird.


Copy meshes + textures + sound folder & MUSKET.esp to your Skyrim\data directory.

The folder-structure should look like:
... Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\MUSKET\ ALL NIF FILES
... Skyrim\data\textures\weapons\MUSKET\ ALL DDS FILES
... Skyrim\data\sound\fx\MUSKET\ ALL WAV FILES
... Skyrim\data\MUSKET.esp

Make sure that the plugin is activated in launcher => DATA FILES.
The weapon is placed in the forge-menu along with the steel items.

OR open console (key ^) and enter HELP MUSKET
You get a code, after that enter PLAYER.ADDITEM CODE 1
(1 = amount) - the weapon will be placed in your inventory.

(Code should look like XX002F9B, XX= the load number of the mod, for example PLAYER.ADDITEM 03002f9B 1)

Damage should scale with your skills/lvl, more dmg than crossbow but longer reload time.
If you want to adjust the dmg open the Creation Kit, LOAD, check DAWNGUARD.ESM and MUSKET.ESP in
the left window, set MUSKET.ESP to ACTIVE FILE and press OK. In the object window check *ALL, search for MUSKET1 and open the found form,
adjust the dmg/speed values in this window, press OK and SAVE. (see screenshots on TheNexus for further details)

!!! This is a very early alpha version !!!

WIP Thread:

Armor i'm wearing:
Elite Knight by Azraille:
Spellbinder Armor by Hothtrooper44:


@ all: As mentioned several times i won't continue working on this alpha version since it's not possible to add a proper weapon/reload animation and so on. THOUGH i deciced...MAYBE (!!!) i continue my work with a new model, just finished my Hobbit Weapon Pack so i can work on a 2nd project.

Not a bolt action rifle since the reload animation is simply not doable. A flintlock rifle/ musket model might work, at least with one rotating part (the lock) like in the alpha, maybe i can tweak it a bit so it looks ok in 1st and 3rd person - using the same model.

So IF (!!!) i continue my work i want to add/overhaul: New musket model, better textures, better (smoke) effects, different sound effects/set to choose from, craftable musket balls/gunpowder, bayonett+powderhorn, add it to leveled list / guards, foreign merchant (so finally i find usage for my Steampunk Mask) that sells musket and supplies blabla...i would set it up as a new mod from scratch since the alpha version is a bit messed up. Texturing and effect preview/tweaking will be fun since my computer is so damn slow and blurrs quite if you've got a left over high end computer - i would appreciate it :D

Just found a flintlock rifle that i really like, accidentally it's an Austrian type (like me) we will see IF i find the time and the motivation to continue the whole thing, BIG MAYBE, can't guarantee anything...greetings



External videos (old ALPHA1)

thx for your support