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Based on the gory death of Vampires in the TV series "True Blood" this mod makes the death of a vampire a bit more interesting.

A video demonstration is available on the videos page.

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Didymus Ei

True Death: Basic/Immortal - A Vampire Slaying Mod

Basic - v1.3
Immortal - v1.3

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On a break as of September 19th 2014



Instead of the boring way Vampires die in Vanilla Skyrim this mod adds two different visual options for Vampire death: Gory, where there's nothing but a pile of bone and goo left of the vampire. Dust, where the vampire
turns into a pile of dust. Choose your desired effect through the MCM menu.


Included in this version of True Death is Vampire Immortality. NPC vampires will not be able to be killed unless you A. Get a 1 hit kill. or B. Weaken them first through Silver weaponry/ammo or two particular spells.

Once weakened use a wooden stake on them to finish the job. You only have 30 seconds to stake them before they recover. This makes Vampires far more dangerous and requires that you carry the tools to deal with them AT ALL TIMES or risk being killed or chased off. Wooden Stakes and Silver-Tipped Arrows/Bolts can be crafted at a forge. Save your Silver and Fire Salts.

[How To...]

- Weaken a Vampire with Silver-Tipped Arrow/Bolt, any Silver Weapon, or the spells Sun Fire or Vampire's Bane.
- Once the Vampire is on their knees, activate them with a Wooden Stake equipped.
- A small animation should play and watch as you finish the vampire forever in a gory/dusty display.

Unzip everything in the file to your skyrim/data folder.


Delete everything you installed from the zip.

- Immortal -

Toggle Immortality off in the MCM before uninstalling. Don't uninstall with an immortal vampire active in a cell.

[Updating Past 1.2.1]

Please create a clean save without the previous version of True Death before activating the new version. Things won't work if you leave the old version on.

Dawnguard DLC
Most recent version of SKSE (To be able to change visuals)

As long as a mod uses the default vampire races it should, in theory, work.


- (Immortal) In theory, if one knocks more than one of the same type of vampire into Bleed out and then stakes one of them, BOTH will die. This is unavoidable.

- (Immortal) It's still early days for this mod. It's possible a script may get turned around and make Vampires "Super Immortal", meaning nothing will kill them and they'll just bug out. This is only a theory, but smashing activate or disrupting the flow of the whole staking process could lead to this.

- (Immortal) The animation for staking won't play if you're on uneven ground relative to the vampire. They'll still die, but obviously it doesn't look good. Again nothing I can do about this. Just try to be on the same level as the Vamp.

- (Immortal) If you let the 30 seconds elapse and the Vampire stands up again, when you go through the process of weakening and staking this time around things tend to fire off much slower. I haven't pinpointed why this is yet, but I don't think it's anything serious.

[The Future...]

- Fire damage = Death to vamps
- Clean up scripts if needed

[Change Log]
= Basic =

v1.0 - Initial Release

v1.1 - Separation of death effects from other mod features. Visuals considered "Main" mod. Added a config power as well as a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" style dust death.

v1.2 - Added MCM, removed config spell, fixed a bug where the goo piles wouldn't go away.

V1.2.1 - Added missing script

V1.3 - Nothing really changed. Written from the ground up in prep for True Blood: Immortal release.
- Released True Blood: Immortal.

= Immortal =

v1.0 - Initial Release

v1.1 - Added Werewolf and Vampire Lord Support

v1.2 - Dawnguard weapons are considered silver. Immortality Toggle in MCM. General clean up of scripts.

v1.3 - Werewolves and Vampire Lords can kill vampires now. MC menu should appear now. Holy water added, but experimental. Silvered affect increased to 60 seconds.