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Good Evening!

Another armour i made for one of my characters which came out so well, i thought I'd share it. This armour is made for a cleric like character or a fighter mage perhaps. It was originally supposed to be a bit more practical (with a proper full chestplate), however the meshes woudlnt fit together, so rather than abandon it, I released as is.

Its a female only mesh that replaces the 'wolf' armour. The only reason i chose this is that no female NPC's wear the wolf armour, so it shouldn't effect anyone else in game.

-- A note on practicality--
Okay since there have been a fair few comments on this, and I dont want to continually keep reapting the obvious...

No this armour is not particularly useful in a fight. Yes I know the chest is a rather important part of the body to protect. No this armour wouldnt protect you from the cold.

Hopefully that has answered those queries ;)


I've just uploaded a version that replaces the archmage robe for those of you who play mages and want to use this. it comes with a retex of the hood, which cant be removed from the armour as it removes your hair (well it could be removed, but you'd be bald ;) ).

Sharda has uploaded a retextured black and Gold/Silver version that replaces the ebony set. If like the sound of that, check the mod out :


Extract the textures and meshes folders into your data folder.

-- Compatibility---

The armour has its own unique textures so make no other changes in game. Only mods that change the female wolf armour will clash

--- bugs---

There are a few small issues with cliping, if you spot anything major, send me a PM


Added an optional file for those having problems with thier characters forarms disappearing. Only use this if you are having issues

Enjoy! (oh and endorse)

All the best