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A comprehensive, quick-reference catalog of over 1000 lore-friendly gameplay enhancement mods that improve how the game plays with a focus on mods that create a more realistic, immersive and challenging experience.

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Sorry the site is down. The hosting expired while I was away. I will be setting up new hosting and will restore the site soon.

For mods that make Skyrim LOOK more realistic, use STEP - Skyrim Total Enhancement Project.
For mods that make Skyrim PLAY more realistic, use GEMS - Gameplay Enhancement Mods for Skyrim

GEMS (Gameplay Enhancement Mods for Skyrim) is a 1-page, quick-reference catalog of 1000+ lore-friendly mods on the NEXUS and the Steam Workshop that enhance gameplay. I sifted through thousands of hi-res textures, ENB configurations, Breezehome basements and Lydia makeovers to find those rare GEMS that improve how the game works - combat, magic, archery, sneaking, lockpicking, looting, lighting, traps, crafting, cooking, alchemy, enchanting, traveling, character stats, perks, skills, leveling rates, carry weights, and more... (over 50 categories). Only mods that add realism, immersion or new roleplaying opportunities are considered GEMS.

By grouping mods with similar purpose or function together into one central index, it will be faster and easier for people to choose the best collection of mods to achieve their personal preference of gameplay and realism. 

I also hope this list will shine a brighter light on the many great gameplay mods that people have either missed or overlooked. I've spent countless hours looking through mods and I'm STILL finding GEMS that I never knew existed. Below are just a few examples:

- Travel by real-time!
- Rent an apartment
- Sell your house
- Dodge incoming real-time!
- Earn money at a tavern playing music with your companions
- Heal your wounds with bandages
- and hundreds more....

Enjoy the list...and PLEASE ENDORSE if you appreciate the effort and would like me to continue updating it. :)

- Over 1000 gameplay-enhancing mods on 1 page organized into 10 categories and 50+ subcategories
- Expandable & collapsible sections for fast & easy navigation (click sample image above)
- YouTube links begin playback exactly where the mod review begins
- Links to each mod's page on the Nexus or Steam Workshop (Steam = blue links)
- A concise description of what each mod does

How many mods are in GEMS?
Over 1000 mods in 50+ categories...and growing.

Does GEMS include any of the following mods?
...Hi-Res Textures or graphics enhancements? No
...NPC makeovers? No
...New Quests? No
...Aliens, robots, guns, talking mudcrabs or superhero costumes? No

Does GEMS contain any mods for DawnGuard, Hearthfire or Dragonborn?
Very few. I do plan to add a new page for DLC mods.

Does GEMS include an instruction guide like STEP explaining which compatible mods to install to create a more realistic game with good stability?
No. GEMS does not recommend one mod over another but it does group mods with similar purpose or function together so that others will be able to create mod compilation guides more easily. A future update may include links to "play-tested mod packs".

Does GEMS indicate which mods are compatible or conflict with other mods?
No but this is a feature I would like to add in the future...

Did you find these mods on the Nexus or the Steam Workshop?

Do the mods link to the Nexus or the Steam Workshop?
All mods link to the Nexus unless the mod is only available on the Steam Workshop.

Where did you get the awesome artwork in the header and footer of your website?
It's from a great mod called "Skyrim concept art wallpaper HD" by dezzz. ("Thanks dezzz!") Check it out!

Special thanks to all of the modders who have made a great game better, to all of the people who make such great video reviews, to Bethesda for creating such a kick ass game, and to the folks at Nexus for supporting the modding community.

Below is a screenshot showing all of the subcategories. (I made the categories and subcategories expandable and collapsible for easier browsing)