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ADVENTURERS WANTED: This ENB combines fantasy, realism, immersion, and cinematics in a very elegant way. These are my Seasons of Skyrim. High Quality/Performance for ENB Series v0.262, v0.236, and v0.119. Follow the installation steps and your game will look like my screenshots!

NOTE: You're also welcome to try my other Skyrim mods True Vision ENB, and Project ENB

Witcher 3 gamers: My new ReShade preset has been released - Bronze and Silver ReShade

Deus Ex - Human Revolution gamers: Here are some Screenshots of my ENB preset.
Please visit my mod page, Deus Ex: Human Revolution ENB, and show your support for future developments.

Mass Effect gamers: Here are some Screenshots of my ENB preset.
Here's the link to the ENB preset: Mass Effect ENB

Videos by Hodilton and cpeters1114 (Thanks!)

SPECIAL THANKS to Kyokushinoyama, Redguard216, Panther38, Salah-ad Din, jacktthompson, Staind716, JoPineapples68, ZeroKing, SydneyB, evok99, razorn97, Fooortune, Wolfgrimdark, and Marlboro Man. These people have been very supportive of my efforts for a very long time. Many Kudos to all of you!!!


- Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One: This will add more lanterns to the main roads, bridges, and villages. (the default preset works fine)

- Project Parallax: This will add parallax mapping to textures. (try the other sets as well)

- Static Mesh Improvement Mod: This will improve the detail of 3D objects.

- W.A.T.E.R. - Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux: This will enhance the oceans, lakes, rivers, marshes, and creeks.

- (Optional) I'm now using HD textures and flora mods in my screenshots. I haven't decided on a combination yet, but Skyrim HD 2K and Skyrim Flora Overhaul look great though!

(screenshot by zilver1000)

(screenshot by wolfgrimdark)


- ENB Series v0.262, please download the binary files at and extract d3d9.dll to your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is located). Overwrite if asked.

- Download my mod and extract the contents from the "main files" folder to your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is located). Overwrite if asked. The contents of the "Data" folder is required as well.

NOTE: Please use the files from the "performance options" folders instead of choosing to enable/disable a feature manually. Each one has been specially tweaked to give the best result. Copy the file of your choice to your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is located). Overwrite if asked.

- Open your SkyrimPrefs.ini file located in your "My Documents" folder and make sure these lines are set

iBlurDeferredShadowMask=5 (use this setting if you have your shadows set to "Ultra" in the SkyrimLauncher)

- Open enblocal.ini and set the VideoMemorySizeMb parameter (e.g. VRAM + RAM - 2048)

- Disable AA/AF in the SkyrimLauncher options

- (Optional) The "optional effects" folder contains additional effects that provide more customization. Copy the contents of the option folder of your choice to your Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is located). Overwrite if asked.

- (Optional) Download and install the mods listed in the "Recommended Mods" section.

- Load your game and turn the in-game Brightness all the way down

- Your game should now look like my screenshots, Enjoy! :)


- Seasons of Skyrim ENB is compatible with practically all of Skyrim's mods that do not interfere with the ENB Series binary files.

- Works with Realistic Lighting with Customization, Dynavision, Imaginator, etc. However, keep in mind that these types of mods may override some of the ENB values in my configuration and produce unpredictable results. Additional fine tuning may be required if using my configuration with these types of mods.

TROUBLESHOOTING (see also Known Issues/Bugs section below)

Follow these steps if you experience any performance issues or graphical oddities while using this ENB profile, but please double check that you have properly installed my files. (see installation section if necessary)

Note: I offer these guidelines under the assumption that your Operating System and hardware are both in a healthy state, and that you're using the most current drivers and patches for the game.

Performance Issues: (Here is a guide to help - Skyrim Tweak Guide)

- Option 1. Disable or close any unecessary programs (including Windows Aero) before launching the game. If you're low on physical RAM, then try setting your Virtual memory to 2.5 times the amount of RAM installed in your system.

- Option 2. Use the preset folders B-D and/or try the SSAO settings found in the "Tips" sections above. If that's still not enough, then use the "extreme performance" preset as it has the most GPU intensive features disabled. (It still looks nice though)

- Option 3. If you're using HD texture packs, then try this mod - Optimizer Textures. It will compress the textures in order free up some memory on your video card. (running out of memory will cripple performance)

- Option 4. Disable Anisotropic Filtering in the SkyrimLauncher options. (ENB handles this better)

- Option 5. Don't overclock your hardware too high. This game is very CPU/RAM intensive and ENB is even more GPU intensive than the unmodded game. (system RAM will most likely fail before anything else if clocked too high)

- Option 6. Reduce the graphics settings in SkyrimLauncher options and in your video driver software if you need to. (this would be a last resort before buying new hardware)

Non-Performance Issues: (Here is a guide to help - Skyrim Tweak Guide)

- Option 1. Try the Injector Version of ENB Series. (it may be required if using SKSE)

- Option 2. Make a backup of your Saves folder, RenderInfo.txt, Skyrim.ini, and SkyrimPrefs.ini. (located in MyDocuments....Skyrim). Delete the 3 files and launch the game (they will be regenerated automagically).

- Option 3. Disable any 3rd party video driver software and start uninstalling Skyrim mods one by one until the problem no longer exists.

- Option 4. Start a new game (for testing purposes).

- Option 5. Post the problem (screenshots included) on the forum. You might get a reply from Boris V. himself.

- Option 6. Make a backup of your Saves folder and mods you were using and Re-install Skyrim. Delete the main Skyrim folder and the Skyrim folder in "MyDocuments" after you uninstall it just to make sure. (this would be a last resort if all other options have failed, please accept my apologies)

(screenshot by wolfgrimdark)

(screenshot by zilver1000)


Remove the files that were included with this mod from your Skyrim folder.

(screenshot by zilver1000)

(screenshot by wolfgrimdark)


- This mod contains assets that requires permission from the author before it can be copied and/or uploaded by other users. Please contact the author if you are requesting permission or if you have questions regarding the details of this process.

If you have received permission to use someone elses assets in your files you should always credit them. If you don't credit assets you've used from other users you will be considered a thief and you're likely to be banned; so it's very important you credit the work of others that you have used.

Note: crediting other people's work does not entitle you to use their work. You must always get permission from the creator of the work first before you upload it to the site."

(screenshot by Nofumasa)

(screenshot by BiggusD1)


Boris Vorontsov, creator of the ENBSeries: ENB Series
Confidence-Man for their contributions: Confidence-Man ENB
Matso for their contributions: Skyrim Visual Immersion
Gargorias for their contributions: Revamped Exterior Fog
FXAA Injector originates from
Sharpshooter8 for their contributions: Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics Vision ENB
HeliosDoubleSix for their contributions: Cinematic Lighting ENB
Puuloo for their contributions: More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fixed
Artem1s for their contributions: Dark Dungeons for ENB
Mancika for their contributions: Paper Pack
gp65cj04 for their contributions: Bokeh DoF and Tilt Shift
r6angel for the letterbox settings: Jasmin ENB Real Cinema
--JawZ-- for their contributions: ENB Resources for Skyrim for their contributions: SweetFX Shader Suite
GSJ1977 for their contributions: Fixed Eye Adaptation
Yuril for their contributions: Alternative Snow
Soulwynd for their contributions: Tweakable DoF and Bokeh Shader for ENB
Kingeric1992 for their contributions: DOF extra & ALF effect