HD Furniture and barrels final __ hi-res texture replacer by quazaque
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Added: 15/11/2011 - 11:11AM
Updated: 05/12/2011 - 10:44AM

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Last updated at 10:44, 5 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 11:11, 15 Nov 2011

We have to interact with wooden furiture too many times in game to leave that objects with ugly low-res textures
I realized to make retex for those things cause vanilla ones are more than disgusting. I changed only poor furniture and didnt touch noble furniture.

Only problem is that there are too many objects refer to this texture, that are situated all over Skyrim and my color may not suit to someone's tastes in some places. its easy to use graphic program to change hue. so you can make it by yourlesves.

Texture changes more than a half of wooden interior.It goes for beds, chairs, tables, shelves, boxes, wardrobe and even more but I dont know their English names cause Im Ukrainian. But the most important part is that tables and shelves with loot will not strike the eye any more. Added HD barrels for people who like to loot carrots.

barrels from 256x512 to 1024x2048
furniture from 512x512 to 2048x2048
thanks to *Imrinfected* for great tutorial about normal mapping
and to *Nywro* with *deanoman* for help and hints
w/o them I wouldnt make normal maps for textures

try also my blacksmith workbench


my modification changes only 8 files

download and install main file and if you like some variations to this mod -
- use optional files with overwriting main files

unzip and pput folder named DATA to your Skyrim folder

and merge all folders to suit like that (for furniture)

and like that (for barrels)


Added option with

BARK (bark on furniture only)
BARK+CROSS (bark on furniture + cross on chairs)
CROSS (cross on chairs only)

choose what do you prefer and download one file from 4 available

It wont hurt anyone to try this out
didnt find FPS drops on my laptop
check the screenshots.
if you want to use some other mods that change the same objects look, then you should choose which one to use.
what you will install the last - that will be in your game because installing same things will overwrite olready existing ones.
you can see what changes my "mod" by looking above this words in installation description

dont forget to return and endorse if you like it