Malukah Tales of the Tongue by lo0se
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Added: 07/09/2012 - 06:54PM
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Last updated at 18:55, 7 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 18:54, 7 Sep 2012

This is a quick mod I threw together after I first heard the song and thought I would share.
This mod is being uploaded with Malukah's express permission.
Check out her youtube channel at
She is very talented!

There is a video in the video section for those who want to check it out before downloading.

To any future commentors.

1. I cannot turn up the volume any more then I already have. Skyrim limits the maximum volume for main menu music. This song is sang in a soft voice so it will not be as loud as the default music. Turn up the volume on your speakers to hear it clearly.

2. No, I cannot/will not make a in game replacer for bards to sing. I would have to learn several different things such as how to sync lip movement to the song, how to get the bards to sing it, etc.

3. You can consider this mod dead. It will not be updated. There is nothing to update. It replaces main menu music, and does that without error.

Hope this takes care of any future questions/requests.

Best Regards.